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It is increasingly evident that the concentration and type of matrix used in nutrient media can profoundly influence the response of tissues cultured in vitro. Picea abies shoot cultures exhibited increased dry weight yields (4) and increased shoot growth (9) with decreasing agar concentrations. Singha (5) compared shoot proliferation of crabapple and pear in Phytagar concentrations ranging from 0% to 1.2%. Optimal proliferation and growth occurred in crabapple on 0.3% agar, with higher concentrations decreasing these growth characteristics. In pear, increasing agar concentration also decreased shoot growth, but shoot proliferation was greatest at 0.6% or higher agar concentrations. Rooting has been promoted without or with lower agar concentrations in grape (1), Norway spruce (9), and apple (10). However, vitrification (glassiness or waterlogging) has been shown to increase with lower agar concentrations (9) and limits the use of liquid culture in some species.

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