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Simazine at both 4 and 8 lb./A and amitrole at 2 lb./A, alone and in combination, altered the protein and RNA content of apple leaf tissue. Initially, simazine increased the protein content, but this effect progressively diminished until late June when it became nonexistent. Similarly, the use of amitrole caused an early season increase in protein content, later changing to a marked decrease. Greatest effects occurred in the total and globulin fractions while the soluble fraction was affected only slightly and this was limited to the first 6 weeks of growth.

Total RNA also was affected. This effect occurred in mid-May when simazine was stimulatory and amitrole acted as a depressant. These same effects persisted until late June when simazine at 4 lb./A and amitrole strongly decreased the RNA content. Enhanced action due to the simultaneous use of both chemicals did not occur, but there was evidence that the depressing effect due to amitrole was moderated when used with simazine, particularly in the period when shoot expansion ceased.

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