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Methanol extracts of fresh tissues of ‘Mazzard’ (Prunus avium L.) and ‘Mahaleb’ (P. mahaleb L.) were examined for phenolic composition. The 2 sweet cherry rootstocks differed in 3 phenolic groups; phenolic acids, coumarins, and flavonoids. ‘Mazzard’ contained 5 acids; p-coumaric, o-coumaric, caffeic, p-coumarylquinic and chlorogenic, whereas ‘Mahaleb’ contained mostly o-coumaric acid. ‘Mahaleb’ tissues were rich in coumarin and herniarin, but these were absent in ‘Mazzard’. Three flavonoids; dihydrowogonin, kaempferol and quercetin, were found in ‘Mazzard’. ‘Mahaleb’ contained only kaempferol. These differences in phenolic composition between the 2 rootstocks seemed related to graft-incompatibility.

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