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A field study was conducted to determine the relationship between pungency, soluble solids content, and susceptibility to neck rot in onions. `Golden Cascade', `Sweet Amber', `Valdez', and `Vega' onions were planted in a field with low soil S content. Sulfur, as coarse-ground calcium sulfate, was applied as a band before planting. After harvest, yield was determined and a sample of jumbo onions was taken from each plot to determine pungency, dry matter content, and soluble solids content. Healthy bulbs were returned to storage and evaluated for neck rot after 4 months. Yield, grade, and neck rot incidence after storage were not affected by S treatments. However, there was a trend toward lower neck rot incidence at the highest S application rate (160 lb/acre). Pungency of jumbo onions increased after the application of S as gypsum. `Sweet Amber' and `Valdez' were less pungent than `Golden Cascade' or `Vega'. Neck rot susceptibility was evaluated with an inoculation test of detached bulb scales. Growth and sporulation of the neck rot pathogen Botrytis allii were reduced by S application. Pungency and neck rot susceptibility were negatively correlated.

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