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Gibberellic acid (GA) increased bolting from 4.2 to 12.8% in fall-planted ‘Yellow Grano’ onion when applied 5 times at 500 ppm from 3/9 to 5/21. A single GA treatment 4/12 did not affect bolting. GA at 1000 ppm applied 11/1 and 12/9 had no effect on bolting or total seed yields of 3 short-day cultivars, but it limited seed yield per umbel. January 14 and February 21 treatments of 1000 ppm increased bolting percentage from 42 to about 60 and the February 21 treatment increased seed yield. Germination percentage of harvested seed was not affected by treatment. All GA treatments caused leaf growth from lateral buds.

Spring application of 2-chloroethyphosphonic acid (ethephon) at 500 and 1000 ppm, N-6 Benzyladenine (BA) at 100 ppm or succinic acid-2, 2-dimethylhydrazide (SADFI) at 5000 ppm did not affect bolting percentage.

Ethephon treatments inhibited internal scale browning of onions held in common storage for 3 months. October or Nov. ethephon treatments at 2500 ppm reduced bolting from 42 to 29%, and a dual ethephon application 10/8 and 11/1 resulted in only 11% bolting.

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