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A muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia) planting was established in 1996 at the Southwest Research and Extension Center in Hope, Ark., to provide information on the performance of muscadine grape cultivars in a region where cold hardiness is not a major limitation. This research evaluated harvest parameters, fruit and juice quality, and nutraceutical potential of selected muscadine cultivars grown in southwestern Arkansas. The cultivars evaluated were `Black Beauty', `Carlos', `Cowart', `Doreen', `Early Fry', `Fry', `Granny Val', `Ison', `Jumbo', `Late Fry', NC67A015-17, NC67A015-26, `Nesbitt', `Scarlett', `Southern Home', `Sterling', `Sugargate', `Summit', `Supreme', and `Tara'. Muscadine cultivars differed in productivity and fruit quality. In 2002 and 2003, juice was produced from `Carlos', `Granny Val', `Ison', `Nesbitt', `Southern Home', `Summit', and `Supreme' grapes. `Black Beauty' was also produced into juice in 2003. In 2002, `Nesbitt' grapes had the highest juice yield, 520 L·t–1 (124.6 gal/ton). `Ison' and `Supreme' juice had the highest soluble solids level. In 2003, `Granny Val' grapes had the highest juice yield, 551 L·t –1 (132.0 gal/ton). `Southern Home' juice had the highest soluble solids. The press materials of muscadine grapes were a potential source of high levels of nutraceutical compounds. Dried seeds had the highest total phenolic and oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) levels followed by the dried skins, the grapes, and then the juice. The skins of the black cultivars had the highest total anthocyanins level. `Supreme' seeds had the highest total phenolic and ORAC levels while `Ison' skins had the highest total anthocyanin levels. Based on yield, harvest, and juice quality, cultivars recommended to growers in southwestern Arkansas and other areas with a similar climate include `Black Beauty', `Carlos', `Fry', `Granny Val', `Nesbitt', `Southern Home', `Summit', and `Supreme'.

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