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Rapid tube growth occurred when lily (Lilium longiflorum Thunb. cv. Ace) pollen germinated in a liquid medium containing 0.29 m pentaerythritol. Growth was reduced by increasing or decreasing the pentaerythritol concn. There was a hyperbolic relationship between concn of H3BO3 in the medium and stimulation in rate of pollen tube growth, with 30 μ m H3BO3 causing one-half maximal stimulation of growth. Neither early pollen tube growth nor percent germination was stimulated by the hormones indoleacetic acid and gibberellic acid, nor was there any effect by 2’-isopropyl-4’-(trimethylammonium chloride)-5’-methylphenyl piperidine-1-carboxylate (Amo 1618), an inhibitor of gibberellin biosynthesis.

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