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Controlled abscission of floral structures is an important horticultural technique that has many applications throughout the growing season. A novel use of chemical abscission in chile pepper (Capsicum annuum) is the removal of open flowers and fruit for the production of breeder seed. For efficiency of abscising flower buds, open flowers, and fruit of ornamental chile peppers, two foliar spray treatment levels, 1000 and 2000 ppm ethephon were tested. Ornamental chile peppers were chosen because they are prolific flower and fruit producers, making removal of potentially cross-pollinated fruit and open flowers laborious. Flower bud and flower number were reduced with both 1000- and 2000-ppm ethephon treatments, while fruit number decreased only with 2000-ppm ethephon treatment. ‘NuMex Easter’ was more sensitive to ethephon treatment as compared with ‘Chilly Chili’ and ‘Riot’. Ethephon had no negative impacts on end of the season growth index, mature fruit number, and seed number. We found ethephon can reduce numbers of flower buds, open flowers, and fruit with no long-term effect on mature fruit and seed number, making it a useful tool for the production of breeder seed in chile pepper breeding programs.

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