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Nitrogen (N) release rate from organic materials through mineralization is affected by the organic material and environmental conditions. Determining rates of mineralization for canola (Brassica rapa L.) meal and cottonseed (Gossypium hirsutum L.) meal with or without soapstock (a waste byproduct of seed oil extraction) will establish appropriate application rates for consumers. Canola meal, cottonseed meal, cottonseed meal with soapstock, or no treatment (control) was incorporated at a rate of 4.9 g·m−2 N into three loam soils. Experimental units were incubated for 0, 3, 7, 14, 30, or 60 days while maintaining moisture at 60% water-holding capacity and then analyzed for NH4-N and NO3-N, then plant available N was calculated as NH4-N+NO3-N. Ammonium increased with each seed meal amendment during the first 14 days of incubation and then decreased. Nitrate increased in seed meal treatments during the first 14 days of incubation and then continued to increase as NH4-N ions declined. Canola meal and cottonseed meal with or without soapstock increase plant-available soil N.

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