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The effect of Cu(OH)2 applied to interior container surfaces on shoot and root responses was evaluated on eight species cultivated in subtropical regions. Species studied were Cedrela odorata L.; Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl.; Leea coccinea Planch.; Peperomia serpens (Swartz.) Loud.; Peperomia obtusifolia (L.) A. Dietr.; Radermachera sinica (Hance) Hensl.; Schefflera actinophylla (Endl.) Harms; and Swietenia mahagoni (L.) Jacq. No foliar Cu toxicity symptoms developed on any species during the study. Swietenia mahagoni seedlings grew faster in height and had larger shoot: root ratios when grown in Cu(OH)2-treated containers than in nontreated containers. Leea coccinea seedlings were taller and produced more shoot dry weight when grown in Cu(OH)2-treated than in control containers. Applying Cu(OH)2 did not influence shoot growth of the other six species studied. Root coverage reduction on the exterior of the rootball in Cu(OH)2-treated containers was excellent for all species studied, and coverage was completely eliminated in three species. Shoot and root responses to Cu(OH)2-treated containers varied among subtropical species, which is consistent with shoot and root responses among temperate species.

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