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Flowers are traditionally used to flavor and garnish dishes. There are many different varieties of edible flowers such as daylilies (Hemerocallis sp.). Daylilies come in many varieties and colors. Their blooms and buds are tasty and nutritious. The objective of this study was to indicate most preferred to least preferred among 15 daylily cultivars (Gentle Shepherd, Lavender Doll, Siloam Powder Pink, Aztec Gold, Rosie Meyers, Catherine Woodberry, Pink Charm, Virginia Henson, Lemon Yellow, Joan Senior, Along the Way, Border Baby, Bonanza, Pandora's Box, and Apricot Beauty). A consumer panel was conducted evaluating the taste preference of fifteen participants to an assortment of daylilies. Panelists were associated with Mississippi State Univ.. Each panelist received 15 different daylily blooms. The ranking methods and analysis of variance were used to determine the preference. The questionnaire for ranking given to each panelist stated to “Please taste each numbered sample and rank in order of preference with the first being most preferred and last being least preferred and to provide comments.” Among the 15 daylilies tested, Rosie Meyer was the most preferred, followed by a second group that consisted of Lavender Doll, Jones Senior, and Aztec Gold. The third most preferred group consisted of two, Gentle Shepherd and Along the Way. The preference for the remainder tapered off with the last two samples, Bonanza and Border Baby. These results suggest that of the 15 daylily varieties, Border Baby and Bonanza were statistically non-preferred with no daylily being statistically preferred.

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