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The effects of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), day temperature (DT) and night temperature (NT) on leaf number, leaf unfolding rate and shoot length were determined for chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev. ‘Bright Golden Anne’) grown under short day (SD) conditions. A functional relationship was first developed to predict if flower bud appearance would occur within 100 SD under a given set of environmental conditions. All combinations of DT and NT in the range from 10° to 30°C were predicted to result in flower bud appearance at higher PPF than 10.8 mol·day−1·m−2. The number of leaves formed below the flower increased quadratically as DT and/or NT increased from 10° to 30°. As PPF increased from 1.8 to 21.6 mol·day−1·m−2, one to two fewer leaves were formed per shoot. Rate of leaf unfolding increased linearly with increasing average daily temperature from 0.2 leaves/day at 10° to 0.5 leaves/day at 30°. Internode length was highly correlated with the difference between DT and NT (DIF = DT – NT) such that increasing DIF from –12° to 12° resulted in progressively longer internodes.

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