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Bulb formation in vitro is considered to be advantageous over shoot formation. Bulbs were farmed in vitro from onion inflorescence explants cultured in bulb induction medium composed of Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 120 g/l sucrose and 5 g/l activated charcoal under long day photoperiod. Bulbs were also induced in the same medium from shoots which were first regenerated from onion inflorescences in MS alone or MS containing either 4.4 uM benzyladenine or 0.005, 0.01, 0.05, 01 0.1 uM of thidiazurone. This system of in vitro bulb formation obviates shoot elongation, rooting, and acclimatization steps normally required when shoots are regenerated.

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A method for regeneration of somatic embryogenesis from witloof chicory is described. Explants were taken from leaf veins of stored witloof chicory. Internal bacterial infection was found in 100% of the leaf bases but decreased gradually toward the leaf tips. Bacterial free explants were taken from the distal third and cultured on Murashige and Skoog medium (MS) containing 1.3 uM 2,4-D, 1.3 uM kinetin, and 100 mg/L casein hydrolysate. A pale yellowish, nodular callus formed after 4 weeks and were maintained in the same medium for 8-12 months with one change to a fresh medium every 4 weeks. Callus were suspended in the same medium without agar for 4-6 weeks with one change to a fresh medium every 2 weeks. Embryo-like structure appeared upon transfer to MS liquid medium containing 1.8 uM benzyladenine. Embryo germination was accomplished in 1/4 strength of MS medium with 01 without 1 g/L activated charcoal.

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‘Hull Thornless’ (Rubus sp., is a vigorous and productive thornless blackberry cultivar with firm, sweet, fruit. It is named for the late John W. (Jack) Hull, formerly of the University of Maryland, the University of Arkansas, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who spent most of his life breeding blackberries and raspberries. ‘Hull Thornless’ is the fifth in a series of tetraploid, genetically thornless blackberry hybrids developed by the USDA and cooperating agencies (4). It is adapted principally to USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 6-8.

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