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Cecil T. Pounders

maternal parent. Flower quality and numbers as well as growth habit are much improved over the species. Description Plants of ‘Lufkin Red’ are semicompact, upright-spreading with abundant production of red (red–purple 58A) ( Royal Horticultural Society

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Claude Richer, Caroline Lafond, and Campbell Davidson

September. There is a typically moderate number of flowers per flowering shoot (4–14), and the flower pedicel has only a few thorns. The flower bud is ovoid in shape ( Fig. 2A ), red-purple (57A) at the opening, red-purple (57B) on the upper face, and red-purple

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Shawn A. Mehlenbacher and David C. Smith

the contorted growth habit, make an attractive display in the garden. The catkins are purple ( Fig. 3 ), but the pollen is yellow. Pollen shed and female receptivity occur late in the season, at a similar time to ‘Contorta’. ‘Red Dragon’ is being

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Dineshkumar Selvaraj, Sherif Sherif, Mohd Sabri Pak Dek, Gopinadhan Paliyath, Islam El-Sharkawy, and Jayasankar Subramanian

downstream may not be able to produce higher amounts of cyanidin glycoside that results in the red coloration of plums. Although in tobacco flowers the coloration of flowers in transgenic plants further confirmed the positive role of Pd-CHS, the

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Dennis J. Werner and Layne K. Snelling

flower buds are red–purple (RHS 71A) and open to red–purple (RHS 71B to 71C; Fig. 5 ). Color of the corolla tube inside surface is orange (RHS 25A). In comparison, unopened flower buds and open flowers of ‘Pink Delight’, the existing standard pink

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Valentina Schmitzer, Robert Veberic, Gregor Osterc, and Franci Stampar

for parks as well as home gardens. A vast selection of different cultivars of Rosa × hybrida with a color spectrum ranging from whites to intense purples is available. Especially in red rose cultivars, a visible change in color during flower

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Mark J. Bassett and Phillip N. Miklas

or P . The P . coccineus variety ‘Painted Lady’ has bicolor flowers with a vermilion banner petal and pure white wings. The inheritance of vermilion flower color is not fully known, but the gene for salmon red flower, Sal , is certainly

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Dariusz P. Malinowski, Robert S. Brown, and William E. Pinchak

-hardy hibiscus are long-day plants ( Warner and Erwin, 2001 ) that abundantly produce flowers from midsummer through late fall. The flowers last 1 d and colors range from white through pink to red, depending on the species. Recently developed cultivars of H

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Pei Xu, Tingting Hu, Yuejian Yang, Xiaohua Wu, Baogen Wang, Yonghua Liu, Dehui Qin, Jeffrey Ehlers, Timothy Close, Zhongfu Lu, and Guojing Li

to purple as opposed to white flowers of cowpea. In addition, flower and seedcoat colors are considered useful phenotypic markers in breeding because of their stable expression and convenience for observation. In general, the principal flower color of

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Xingsui Wang, Yuting Huang, Ji Tian, Jie Zhang, Yanfen Lu, Xiaoxiao Qin, Yujing Hu, and Yuncong Yao

years of evolution ( Li, 2001 ; Qian, 2005 ), and especially with the progress in breeding in recent years, ornamental crabapple produces significant color diversity, exhibiting green, purple, red, and yellow leaves; purple, red, pink, and white flowers