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Peiyan Li, Xiaolin Zheng, Md. Golam Ferdous Chowdhury, Kim Cordasco, and Jeffrey K. Brecht

., 2004 ). Typical CI symptoms may include unusual increase in firmness, external and internal tissue browning, poor aroma and flavor, surface pitting, uneven ripening, and increased susceptibility to postharvest rot. These symptoms may occur alone or

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Luiz C. Argenta, Xuetong Fan, and James P. Mattheis

McManus, 2005 ). Maximum control of fruit softening, superficial scald, and senescent breakdown for apples is achieved by treatment as soon after harvest as possible ( Argenta et al., 2005 ; Watkins and Nock, 2005 ). The low boiling point (less than 10

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Christopher S. Walsh, Julia M. Harshman, Anna E. Wallis, Amy Barton Williams, Michael J. Newell, and George R. (G.R.) Welsh

‘A Ri Rang’) released in Korea in 1969, is the most promising cultivar, and it is the first cultivar recommended to Mid-Atlantic producers. ‘Olympic’ also has problems, including internal breakdown in the flesh. As a crop that is harvested tree

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O.M. Aguilar, T.M. Waliczek, and J.M. Zajicek

regarding those environmental issues, as well as that person becoming more inclined to be environmentally proactive ( Hines et al., 1987 ; Newhouse, 1991 ; Ramsey, 1993 ). An internal locus of control is an individual's belief that he/she caused the

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Eunkyung Lee, Steven A. Sargent, and Donald J. Huber

proportion of visibly damaged tomatoes increased from 15% before to 35% after dumping ( O'Brien et al., 1972 ), while internal bruising increased from 5.2% to 23.8% for tomatoes sampled from the float tank and the grading table, respectively ( Sargent et al

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Giacomo Cocetta, Roberto Beghi, Ilaria Mignani, and Anna Spinardi

differently, the components of apple quality are usually measured in terms of fruit appearance, taste, and internal conditions. Harvest date is an essential factor affecting apple quality after storage. Even the best postharvest techniques can only maintain

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Dawei Shi, Xiaodong Wei, Guoxiang Chen, and Yanli Xu

n . Fig. 3. Changes in net photosynthetic rate [P n ( A )], stomatal conductance [ g S ( B )], and internal CO 2 concentration [Ci ( C )] in female (filled symbols) and male (open symbols) ginkgo leaves during autumnal senescence. Values represent

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Juan Pablo Fernández-Trujillo, Gene E. Lester, Noelia Dos-Santos, Juan Antonio Martínez, Juan Esteva, John L. Jifon, and Plácido Varó

; Fernández-Trujillo et al., 2008 ; Martínez et al., 2009 ; Vrebalov et al., 2009 ). Usually moderate to severe symptoms of blossom-end breakdown ( Fig. 2 ) are associated with internal cladosporium rot ( Cladosporium herbarum ) after cutting melons

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Carl E. Sams, Dilip R. Panthee, Craig S. Charron, Dean A. Kopsell, and Joshua S. Yuan

-dried tissues according to Kopsell et al. (2004) and analyzed according to Emenhiser et al. (1996) . A tissue subsample was re-hydrated with 0.8 mL of ultrapure H 2 O and placed in a water bath set at 40 °C for 20 min. After incubation, 0.8 mL of the internal

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Jinshi Cui, Myongkyoon Yang, Daesik Son, Seongmin Park, and Seong-In Cho

) characterized factors that result in puncture damage during handling. Bruises develop in the flesh of the damaged fruit as an internal browning region resulting from the oxidation of phenolic compounds and tissue breakdown ( Opara and Pathare, 2014 ). Currently