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Javiera Morales, Ximena Besoain, Italo F. Cuneo, Alejandra Larach, Laureano Alvarado, Alejandro Cáceres-Mella, and Sebastian Saa

, Amsterdam, Netherlands Saa, S. Olivos-Del Río, A. Castro, S. Brown, P.H. 2015 Foliar application of microbial and plant based biostimulants increases growth and potassium uptake in almond ( Prunus dulsis Mill D.A. Webb) Front. Plant Sci. 6 87 Sadzawka, A

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Christian M. Baldwin, Haibo Liu, Lambert B. McCarty, Hong Luo, and Joe E. Toler

biostimulant effects on shaded creeping bentgrass HortTechnology 14 500 506 Fagerness, M.J. Yelverton, F.H. 2000 Tissue production and quality of Tifway bermudagrass, as affected by seasonal applications of trinexapac-ethyl Crop Sci. 40 493 497 Feng, Y

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Lisa E. Richardson-Calfee, J. Roger Harris, and Jody K. Fanelli

. Appleton, B. 1998 Humate-based biostimulants affect early post-transplant root growth and sapflow of balled and burlapped red maple HortScience 33 342 344 Kienholz, R. 1941 Seasonal course of height growth in some

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Xiaoning Li, Xiaoyan Sun, Guangyang Wang, Erick Amombo, Xiuwen Zhou, Zhaohong Du, Yinkun Zhang, Yan Xie, and Jinmin Fu

57 67 Calvo, P. Nelson, L. Kloepper, J.W. 2014 Agricultural uses of plant biostimulants Plant Soil 383 3 41 Chabot, R. Antoun, H. Cescas, M.P. 1996 Growth promotion of maize and lettuce by phosphate-solubilizing Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar

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Jinyu Wang, Bo Yuan, Yi Xu, and Bingru Huang

’ exposed to heat stress could potentially be incorporated into the biostimulant products used in managing stressed turfgrass. The direct involvement in heat tolerance of the differentially accumulated amino acids and soluble proteins between the two

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Manpreet Singh, Rupinder Kaur Saini, Sukhbir Singh, and Sat Pal Sharma

as biostimulant improves water use efficiency, physio-biochemical attributes of squash plants under deficit irrigation Agr. Water Mgt. 193 46 54 Abewoy, D. 2018 Review on impacts of climate change on vegetable production and its management practices

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Jaime E. Salvo and Carol J. Lovatt

Increasing organic avocado fruit yield using an Ascophyllum nodosum biostimulant and fertilization Acta Hort. 1042 121 124 Nevin, J.M. Embleton, T.W. Lovatt, C.J. 1990 Problems with urea-N foliar fertilization of avocado Acta Hort. 275 535 541 Pearce, S

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Mohamed S. Elmongy, Xiuyun Wang, Hong Zhou, and Yiping Xia

of plant lateral roots Eur. J. Soil Sci. 63 315 324 Canellas, L.P. Olivares, F.L. Aguiar, N.O. Jones, D.L. Nebbioso, A. Mazzei, P. Piccolo, A. 2015 Humic and fulvic acids as biostimulants in horticulture Scientia Hort. 196 15 27 Canellas, L

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Huan Zhang, Carol Miles, Shuresh Ghimire, Chris Benedict, Inga Zasada, Hang Liu, and Lisa DeVetter

.B. Kadoma, I. Soto-Cantu, E. Drijber, R. Wortman, S.E. 2019 Degradation rate of bio-based agricultural mulch is influenced by mulch composition and biostimulant application J. Polym. Environ. 27 498 509 Trinka, D.L. Pritts, M.P. 1992 Micropropagated

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Cristhian Camilo Chávez-Arias, Sandra Gómez-Caro, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

biostimulants and bioeffectors as alleviators of abiotic stress in crop plants Chem. Biol. Technol. Agr. 4 5 Vardhini, B.V. Anjum, N.A. 2015 Brassinosteroids make plant life easier under abiotic stresses mainly by modulating major components of antioxidant