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He Lisi, Su Jiale, Liu Xiaoqing, Li Chang, and Chen Shangping

bloom and decrease rapidly during fruit maturation ( Yamada et al., 2007 ). The genus Rhododendron , belonging to the family Ericaceae, comprises almost 1000 species with a worldwide distribution but which is concentrated within the sub-alpine and

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Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, Andrew N. Trigiano, John A. Skinner, Mark T. Windham, Robert N. Trigiano, Timothy A. Rinehart, Sandra M. Reed, and Vincent R. Pantalone

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Nursery Crops 2006 Summary ( USDA, 2007 ) estimated that total nursery crop sales in the United States exceeded $4.5 billion that year, which represented an increase of 17% during the previous 3 years. Deciduous

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Viviane de Oliveira Souza, Margarete Magalhães Souza, Alex-Alan Furtado de Almeida, Joedson Pinto Barroso, Alexandre Pio Viana, and Cláusio Antônio Ferreira de Melo

angiosperms. Almqvist & Wiksell, Stockholm, Sweden Erdtman, G. 1986 Pollen morphology and plant taxonomy: An introduction to palynology. Almqvist e Wiksell, Stockholm, Sweden Evaldt, A.C.P. Bauermann, S.G. Cancelli, R.R. Acioli, M. Neves, P.C.P. 2011

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Kim E. Hummer

New York, NY Hummer, K.E. Janick, J. 2009 Rosaceae: Taxonomy, economic importance, genomics 1 17 Folta K. Gardiner S. Genetics and genomics of Rosaceae Springer New York, NY Hummer, K.P.N. Yanagi, T. 2009 Decaploidy in Fragaria iturupensis (Rosaceae

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Caula A. Beyl

Allen, M.J. 2004 Assessing academic programs in higher education Anker Publishing Bolton, MA Bloom, B.S. 1956 Taxonomy of educational objectives, Handbook I: The cognitive domain David McKay New York, NY Buckman, K. 2007 What counts as assessment in the

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W.G. Harris, M. Chrysostome, T.A. Obreza, and V.D. Nair

article. Horticultural crops data were based on the 2002 Census of Agriculture ( U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2004 ). Fig. 2. Soil profile images [with horizon designations superimposed ( Soil Survey Staff, 1993 )] and brief criteria (omitting taxonomic

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Paul R. Fantz, Dennis Carey, Tony Avent, and Jason Lattier

. muscari ‘Bigun’ ( Plant Genius 2011 ). Source s: JC Raulston Arbotretum 03–1570, Mountain Crop Improvement Laboratory 2007–183, US PP 15474. Accessions : Fantz 9695, Lattier 217. Notes : Similar to ‘Big Blue’, but blooms 7–10 d earlier, and has a wider

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Barbara Gilmore, Nahla Bassil, April Nyberg, Brian Knaus, Don Smith, Danny L. Barney, and Kim Hummer

. Kopecky, D. Fluch, S. 2010 Microsatellite markers in the tree peony, Paeonia ×suffruticosa (Paeoniaceae) Amer. J. Bot. 97 e42 e44 Hong, D. 2010 Peonies of the world, taxonomy and phytogeography. Kew Publishing, Richmond, UK Hsu, H. Chen, Y. Shen, S. Hsu

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David L. Kidwell-Slak and Margaret R. Pooler

Taxonomic implications of morphological variation in Cercis canadensis (Fabaceae) from Mexico and adjacent parts of Texas Syst. Bot. 34 510 520 Fulcher A.F. White S.A. 2012 IPM for select deciduous trees in southeastern US nursery production. Southern

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Chaowei Song, Qi Wang, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, and Xiaonan Yu

participants, 20 individuals 20–45 years of age who were evenly divided between men and women before the experiment. According to the flowering period of the tested cultivars, branches carrying flowers in full bloom were collected four times in batches while