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Manjul Dutt and Robert Geneve

In seed lots with high viability, the ability to produce usable seedlings under less than optimal germination conditions is related to seed vigor. Thus, seed vigor testing is an essential tool used to evaluate commercial seed lots. The most common

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Joshua K. Craver, Krishna S. Nemali, and Roberto G. Lopez

-value specialty crops. Specifically, seedlings have been proposed for indoor production due to their high value, relatively short production cycle, and high production density in small tray sizes ( Park and Runkle, 2017 ; Randall and Lopez, 2015 ). In a recent

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Ran Chen, Weitao Jiang, Haiyan Wang, Fengbing Pan, Hai Fan, Xuesen Chen, Xiang Shen, Chengmiao Yin, and Zhiquan Mao

contrast, few studies have focused on the prevention and reduction of ARD and compared the efficacy of different fumigants. In our study, apple rootstock Malus hupehensis seedlings were used in pot experiments to examine the effects of five fumigants on

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Claudia Elkins and Marc W. van Iersel

Production of young plants, such as seedlings and cuttings, under sole-source lighting is an alternative to greenhouse production where the natural daily light integral (DLI) in winter may be too low for the production of high-quality young plants

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Y. Rasoolzadegan

The possibility of osmotic adjustment to salinity in Jojoba was studied in a sand culture system. After being stablished, 2 WKs old seedlings were exposed to 1/2 strength hoagland's solution plus NaCl salt to make up -0.7., -0.4, -0.6, -0.8, & -1 MPa. Shoot & leaf elongation, components of Ψleaf, proline accumulation, & inorganic salts were determined every 24 hour for 9 days. Shoot & leaf length were reduced at -0.8 and -0.4 MPa respectively. Osmotic adjustment occured only above -0.8 MPa at the rate of 0.21 If MPa/day. Total inorganic salts in whole plant increased with a decrease in solution Ψw. However, above -0.8 MPa excess Na & Cl ions were excluded from the leaves & accumulated within the roots, while K/Na ratio remained higher above -1 MPa. The selective uptake of K ions seems a possible mechanism for osmotic adjustment in Jojoba. Accumulation of Na & Cl ions under -1 MPa correlated with occasional pale green discoloration & tip-burn of leaves. Although the accumulation of proline was considerable at & below -0.8 MPa, but did not play a significant role in osmoregulation.

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Xinyi Chang, Junli Sun, Lianling Liu, Wang He, and Baolong Zhao

of crops. Jujube is the first forest fruit industry in Xinjiang Province in northwestern China ( Yang et al., 2016 ), but many jujube plantations suffer from high salinity and alkalinity, resulting in poor seedling establishment and reduced growth

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Manoj G. Kulkarni, Glendon D. Ascough, and Johannes Van Staden

germination rate and stimulates seedling vigor of these grains ( Modi, 2002 ; Paasonen et al. 2003 ). In other studies, smoke-treated seeds of some vegetable crops such as lettuce ( Drewes et al., 1995 ) and celery ( Thomas and Van Staden, 1995 ) have also

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James W. Frisby and Schuyler D. Seeley

Correlations were made between the responses of seeds, physiologically dwarfed seedlings and dormant cuttings to similar chilling treatments. Seed germination correlated highly with growth of physiologically dwarfed seedlings and shoot growth of dormant cuttings. Emergence and seedling growth correlated poorly with germination, growth of physiologically dwarfed seedlings and shoot growth of dormant cuttings. Thus, germination was a better seed predictor of the mature peach chilling response than emergence or seedling growth. Growth of dwarfed seedlings correlated highly with shoot growth of dormant cuttings. The anomalous leaf condition of peach seedlings may have confounded seedling growth after seed chilling, but was not a problem when the chilling treatment was provided to physiologically dwarfed seedlings. The dormancy release mechanisms that promoted seed germination, growth of physiologically dwarfed seedlings and growth of dormant cuttings were similar.

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Mindy L. Bumgarner, K. Francis Salifu, Michael V. Mickelbart, and Douglass F. Jacobs

has recently been demonstrated as an effective alternative to overhead irrigation, especially for container seedling propagation of broadleaves ( Davis et al., 2011a ; Schmal et al., 2011 ). In subirrigation systems, irrigation water is delivered from

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Haiyan Zhang

optimized by alternating temperatures of 25/35 °C ( Cuzzuol and Lucas, 1999 ). Also, light requirement for germination can vary with temperature ( Smith, 1982 ). Seed size is a factor that is associated with seed germination and seedling growth ( Farhoudi