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Angela Knerl, Brendon Anthony, Sara Serra, and Stefano Musacchi

productivity ( Bréda, 2003 ), light interception ( Barritt, 1989 ; Liu et al., 2013 ), fruit quality ( Robinson et al., 1983 ), and yield ( Barritt, 1989 ; Robinson et al., 1993 ). A canopy’s LAI is associated with its efficiency and physiology ( Faust 1989

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Rhuanito S. Ferrarezi, Alan L. Wright, Brian J. Boman, Arnold W. Schumann, Fred G. Gmitter, and Jude W. Grosser

house. These calculations were made to determine the WUE of incremental growth of these tree responses. Canopy light interception. Measurements of canopy light interception were taken in June, July, Oct., Nov., and Dec. 2014. Light interception was

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Nicola Dallabetta, Andrea Guerra, Jonathan Pasqualini, and Gennaro Fazio

proposed as a way to increase light interception and distribution within the canopy, thereby leading to a potential increase in yield ( Tustin and van Hooijdonk, 2016 ; van Hooijdonk et al., 2016 ). New dwarfing apple rootstocks, tolerant to biotic and

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Juan C. Rodriguez, Nicole L. Shaw, and Daniel J. Cantliffe

yields may occur under greenhouse conditions than field systems because plants can be arranged more uniformly, avoiding large gaps between plants and rows while simultaneously optimizing light interception. Soilless culture and vertical plant growth

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William L. Bauerle and Joseph D. Bowden

, 2008 ) and within-crown light interception ( Bauerle et al., 2004 ) was used. Each genotype's leaf physiological and morphological difference was parameterized with clonal-specific parameters. During the scaling process, MAESTRA scaled up leaf

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Jacques R. Fouché, Stephanie C. Roberts, Stephanie J.E. Midgley, and Willem J. Steyn

–south row direction to maximize light interception. Maximizing light interception may be to the detriment of external fruit quality in GS as a result of the positive correlation between PPF and the incidence of sunburn and red blush. Consequently, the

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Domenica Scuderi, Francesco Giuffrida, Stefania Toscano, and Daniela Romano

area and SLA allowed the plants to benefit from a greater surface for the light interception with a reduction in the leaf thickness. This finding was confirmed by the leaf anatomical observations showing that the reduction in the parenchyma thickness

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Joan Lordan, Miquel Pascual, Francisco Fonseca, Víctor Montilla, Josep Papió, Josep Rufat, and Josep M. Villar

.G. 1992 Temporal importance of greater light interception to increased yield in narrow-row soybean Agron. J. 84 4 575 579 Bréda, N.J.J. 2003 Ground-based measurements of leaf area index: A review of methods, instruments and current controversies J. Expt

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Hilary A. Sandler

permit good air circulation and light interception, weed populations may increase) and productivity will decline. When the decline in productivity reaches an economic break point, the grower must decide whether to accept the declining yield, renovate and

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Brett Suhayda, Carolyn J. DeMoranville, Hilary A. Sandler, Wesley R. Autio, and Justine E. Vanden Heuvel

decreased the percentage of light intercepted by uprights and runners and was associated with yield decreases ( Lampinen and DeMoranville, 2003 ). Pruning is another method that can be used for canopy management. Much like sanding, pruning opens the canopy