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Elizabeth E. Rogers and Craig A. Ledbetter

the mild winter chilling experienced in central California ( Ledbetter et al., 2009 ). The present study examines peach ( Prunus persica cv. Harrow Blood), wild almond ( P. webbii ), and their interspecific hybrid for susceptibility to X. fastidiosa

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Lydia E. Wahba, Nor Hazlina, A. Fadelah, and Wickneswari Ratnam

Dendrobium accessions from different species and hybrids; and 2) determine whether morphological, molecular, or combined analysis can discriminate Dendrobium species, Dendrobium commercial hybrids, and Dendrobium interspecific hybrids. Materials and

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Karen E. Koch, and Lincoln Zotarelli

been explored as an important component of integrated nutrient management ( Lynch, 1998 ; Wiesler et al., 2001 ). Alternatively, vegetable grafting with interspecific hybrid rootstocks provides a viable option that has been demonstrated to improve crop

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Xiaohua Du, Mengye Wang, Aneta Słomka, and Huichao Liu

was selected as an interspecific hybrid resulting from the crossing of Viola L. sect. Melanium Ging. species (pansies), V. tricolor L., V. lutea Hudson, and V. altaica Ker-Gawler ( Kroon, 1972 ). The species differs from wild pansies based on

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Joseph Tychonievich and Ryan M. Warner

interspecific hybrids in the genus. However, with the exception of intentional crosses between culinary sage ( S. officinalis ) and S. lavandulifolia ( Sanchez-Gomez et al., 1995 ), S. fruticosa , and S. tomentosa ( Putievsky et al., 1990 ), all reported

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Christopher S. Imler, Camila I. Arzola, and Gerardo H. Nunez

removes H + from the rhizosphere ( Meharg and Blatt, 1995 ). Thus, the N form taken up by the plant can enhance or counteract H + -ATPase-mediated rhizosphere acidification. SHB ( Vaccinium corymbosum interspecific hybrids) is an economically important

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Zhan Shu, Xue Zhang, Dianqiong Yu, Sijia Xue, and Hua Wang

three regions where these two species co-occur. The objectives of this study were to assess whether interspecific hybrids occur and reproduce in natural populations. Materials and Methods Plant materials. We randomly sampled the plants in three different

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Wenjing Guan and Xin Zhao

characteristics of muskmelon plants grafted onto an interspecific hybrid squash rootstock. Materials and methods Seedling production. Two experiments were conducted in a greenhouse (air temperature at 20 to 30 °C) on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville

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John M. Capik and Thomas J. Molnar

Corylus species and interspecific hybrids, several of which are now being incorporated into breeding efforts ( Chen et al., 2005 , 2007 ; Coyne et al., 1998 ; Lunde et al., 2000 ; Sathuvalli et al., 2010 , 2011a ). Complicating the situation, however

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Matthew B. Bertucci, David H. Suchoff, Katherine M. Jennings, David W. Monks, Christopher C. Gunter, Jonathan R. Schultheis, and Frank J. Louws

germplasm ( Cohen et al., 2014 ), common rootstocks for watermelon scions include interspecific hybrids, bottle gourd, squash, and pumpkin ( Lee and Oda, 2003 ). As such, there exists the potential for significant variation among cucurbit rootstock root