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Richard J. Henny and Jianjun Chen

part of this series as shown in Figure 1 . Fig. 1. Aglaonema ‘Scenic Bay’ after 9 months growth from a single cutting in a 1.6-L container. Origin Aglaonema ‘Scenic Bay’ is a selection from an interspecific cross of A. commutatum

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Dale T. Lindgren, Daniel M. Schaaf, and Kim Todd

named ( Lindgren, 2006 ). Although selections from interspecific crosses are less common than intraspecific crosses, many European hybrids have been derived from intercrossing species and hybrids from Mexico with the large-flowered P. cobaea Nutt. from

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James F. Hancock, Chad E. Finn, James J. Luby, Adam Dale, Pete W. Callow, and Sedat Serçe

base that included elite clones of Chilean germplasm that were horticulturally superior to the F. chiloensis previously studied; and 2) we performed a round of improvement within species before making the interspecific crosses to maximize levels of

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Thomas J. Molnar and John M. Capik

from these early efforts are still available today. However, despite the development of these resistant plants, little has been documented on the inheritance and expression of EFB resistance in seedlings from interspecific cross of C. americana and C

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Ryan J. Hayes, Carlos H. Galeano, Yaguang Luo, Rudie Antonise, and Ivan Simko

darkening, water-logging, and complete breakdown) under MA conditions. Zhang et al. (2007) reported environmentally specific QTL for shelf life on LGs 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 in a RIL population derived from an interspecific cross. Rapid decay was discovered in

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Caihong Zhong, Shengmei Wang, Zhengwang Jiang, and Hongwen Huang

fluctuation of interspecific crosses of Chinese gooseberry J. Wuhan Bot. Res. 7 399 402 [in Chinese and English abstract] White, A. Beatson, R.A. 1993 Evaluation of a new kiwifruit hybrid. In: Proc. Australasian Postharvest Conf., Gatton College, Queensland

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Clara E. Trueblood, Thomas G. Ranney, Nathan P. Lynch, Joseph C. Neal, and Richard T. Olsen

.H. 1963 The essential role of calcium ion in pollen germination and pollen tube growth Amer. J. Bot. 50 859 865 Chavez, D.J. Lyrene, P.M. 2009 Interspecific crosses and backcrosses between diploid Vaccinium

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James L. Brewbaker

initiated by the author in 1962 in the Hawaii-based provenance collection ( Bray et al., 1997 ). Hybridization was focused on improvements of the arboreal subspecies L. leucocephala ssp. glabrata. Interspecific crosses with the diploid (2n = 52) L

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Thierry Pascal, Fred Pfeiffer, and Jocelyne Kervella

introduction of the ‘Pamirskij 5’ resistance gene to peach powdery mildew in fruit cultivars. The Gr gene controlling red leaf color has been mapped to linkage group 6 both in a genetic map derived from an interspecific cross with GN22 ( Dirlewanger et al

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María Engracia Guerra, Ana Wünsch, Margarita López-Corrales, and Javier Rodrigo

Herrero, 1991 ), sweet cherry ( Theiler-Hedtrich, 1994 ), apricot ( P. armeniaca ) ( Rodrigo and Herrero, 2002b ; Rodrigo et al., 2009 ), almond ( Socias ì Company et al., 2005 ), or interspecific crosses ( Arbeloa et al., 2006 ). This increase in fruit