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Svoboda V. Pennisi and Marc W. van Iersel

curves. The functional analysis to plant growth analysis. University Park Press, Baltimore, MD Israeli, Y. Plaut, Z. Schwartz, A. 1995 Effect of shade on banana morphology, growth and production Sci. Hort. 62 45 56 Kinyamario, J.I. Wang'ombe, T

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Genhua Niu, Denise Rodriguez, and Mengmeng Gu

composition of endive J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 122 140 145 Still, D.W. Davies, F.T. 1993 Water use, water-use efficiency and growth analysis of selected woody ornamental species under a non-limiting water regime Sci. Hort. 53 213 223 Wang, Q. Chen, J. Stamps

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Daniel Leskovar and Yahia A. Othman

that morphological traits such as leaf area and leaf dry weight are vulnerable to N availability ( Saidana et al., 2009 ). A hydroponic study for growth analysis using olive seedlings also confirmed the negative effects of nutritional stresses on dry

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He Li and Donglin Zhang

were photographed 8 weeks after culture for seedling growth analysis. Number of true leaf and total leaf area were measured using ImageJ 1.x ( Fig. 1D ; Schneider et al., 2012 ). Data were analyzed by analysis of variance and GLM program in SAS

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Songul Sever Mutlu and Ece Agan

.N. 2012 Growth analysis as influenced by pinching time in garland chrysanthemum ( Chrysanthemum coronarium L.) Global J. Bio-Sci. Biotechnol. 1 242 247 Fletcher, R.A. Gilley, A. Sankhla, N. Davis, T.D. 2000 Triazoles as plant growth regulators and stress

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Genhua Niu and Denise S. Rodriguez

harvested for final growth analysis. During the severe dry-down, predawn leaf water potential, leaf gas exchange, container weight (for later calculation of substrate moisture contents and daily evapotranspiration rate), and leaf relative water content (RWC

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Martin M. Williams II

Plant growth analysis Edward Arnold Limited London, UK Hunter, R.B. Hunt, L.A. Kannenberg, L.W. 1974 Photoperiod and temperature effects on corn Can. J. Plant Sci. 54 71 78 Kwabiah, A

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Qi Chai, Xinqing Shao, and Jianquan Zhang

/kg soil. Thus, the salt content was 10 g·kg −1 (calculated as NaCl) in all treatments except the untreated control. Growth analysis. The number of seedlings emerged from each pot was counted every 2 d and the numbers of plants were used to determine the

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez

was obtained and leaf, stem, and vegetative top (leaf + stem) dry weights (DWs) of individual plants determined. For plant growth analysis, specific leaf weight (SLW) and leaf weight ratio (LWR) were calculated from leaf area and DW determinations as

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Francisco M. del Amor and María D. Gómez-López

days after transplanting (DAT) for the three crop seasons and substrates. Growth analysis. During the crop season, four plants per substrate were harvested (destructive analysis): at 75 and 117 DAT in the 2005 season; at 0, 30, 55, 84, 114, and 167 DAT