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S.M. Scheiber, R.C. Beeson Jr, J. Chen, Q. Wang, and B. Pearson

irrigation treatment as the main plot and day of water stress level as a subplot ( Snedecor and Cochran, 1980 ). Stomatal conductance ( g S ) was averaged for each sampling day and analyzed as repeated measures using a split plot design with irrigation

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María José Gómez-Bellot, Pedro Antonio Nortes, María Fernanda Ortuño, María Jesús Sánchez-Blanco, Karoline Santos Gonçalves, and Sebastián Bañón

plants. Fig. 1. Daily evolution of fluorescence, F′ v /F′ m ( A ), stomatal conductance ( g S ) ( B ), net photosynthetic rate, P n ( C ), and stem water potential, Ψ stem ( D ), in euonymus plants irrigated with water from different sources 22 weeks

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Xunzhong Zhang, Wenli Wu, Erik H. Ervin, Chao Shang, and Kim Harich

days 14, 21, and 28 ( Table 2 ). At day 28, salt stress reduced Chl by 74.5% relative to the control. Table 2. Leaf chlorophyll (Chl), stomatal conductance ( g s ), and gibberellin A4 (GA4) responses to salt stress in kentucky bluegrass. Leaf Pn and g

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David Jespersen and Brian Schwartz

to field capacity. A balance was used to determine ET rates as well as cumulative water use for the duration of the experiment calculated gravimetrically, as the total sum of water lost from pots due to ET. Stomatal conductance was measured at the

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Vania Lanari, Oriana Silvestroni, Alberto Palliotti, Alan Green, and Paolo Sabbatini

) stomatal conductance ( g S ), ( C ) intercellular CO 2 concentration ( C i ), and ( D ) intrinsic water-use efficiency (WUEi) in pot-grown ‘Vignoles’ grapevines subjected to water stress [40% of daily well-watered vines (WW-vines) evapotranspiration, water

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Amir Rezazadeh, Richard L. Harkess, and Guihong Bi

treatments and 0.24 mg/pot paclobutrazol (PBZ) or 0.24 mg/pot flurprimidol on firespike final plant height, plant diameter, dry weight, leaf area, flowering, net photosynthesis, and stomatal conductance ( g S ). Drought was induced by watering at 7-d

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Donavon Sonnenberg, Patrick A. Ndakidemi, Ambrose Okem, and Charles Laubscher

. Effect of drip irrigation on the intercellular CO 2 concentrations (C i ) between weeks 1 and 8 in Cucumis sativus . Table 4. Effect of drip irrigation on stomatal conductance ( g S ) between weeks 1 and 8 in Cucumis sativus . Effect of drip irrigation

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Yuya Mochizuki, Saori Sekiguchi, Naomi Horiuchi, Thanda Aung, and Isao Ogiwara

under blue and green LEDs ( Fig. 3F ). Fig. 3. Responses of stomatal conductance, leaf intercellular CO 2 concentrations, and transpiration rates to irradiance for the adaxial side of ( A , C , E ) mature strawberry leaves and ( B , D , F ) young

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Thayne Montague and Lindsey Fox

data collection purposes, single trees of each treatment combination were paired and one measurement cycle included a tree from each treatment combination. Cycles were repeated until all trees were measured. Stomatal conductance data were recorded on

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Mike Caron and Roger Kjelgren

stomatal conductance and daily high vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in an irrigated high desert environment for green ash ( Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Patmore’) for ( A ) first year following transplanting, and ( B ) second year following transplanting