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Laura J. Chapin, Youyoun Moon, and Michelle L. Jones

., 2010 ). Ethylene treatment induces multiple metacaspase genes in both rubber tree and tomato plants ( Liu et al., 2016a , 2016b ). Metacaspase genes have also been shown to be differentially regulated by abiotic stresses including cold, heat, drought

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Valeria Sigal Escalada and Douglas D. Archbold

., 2002 ) essential in the ethylene biosynthetic pathway ( Yang and Hoffman, 1984 ) and is commercially used to stop fruit drop as a preharvest application ( Greene, 2005 , 2006 ; Greene and Schupp, 2004 ; Stover et al., 2003 ). In addition to

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Hong Zhu, Eric P. Beers, and Rongcai Yuan

, it has been suggested that chemical thinners such as NAA and 6-BA enhance apple fruitlet abscission through increased ethylene production ( Curry, 1991 ; Dal Cin et al., 2005 ; McArtney, 2002 ; Walsh et al., 1979 ). The pathway of ethylene

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Donald J. Huber

Nearly 12 years have passed since the discovery of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) as a specific inhibitor of ethylene action ( Serek et al., 1994 ). Preceded in use by silver ion ( Beyer, 1976 ), the anionic silver complex, silver thiosulfate (STS

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Peter D. Petracek

Early-season fresh citrus are routinely exposed to ethylene to trigger chlorophyll degradation (degreening) in the peel and thus improve fruit color. Recent questions about whether ethylene is trapped in the fruit by subsequent waxing have sparked interest in characterizing ethylene exchange. Internal gas samples of mature, pesticide-free `White Marsh' grapefruit were taken through septa of silicone rubber on electrical tape affixed 10 the blossom end. Gassing of the fruit in a degreening room (10 ppm ethylene) required about four hours lo reach equilibrium while degassing was completed in less than two hours and was not affected by location of the fruit in a 0.680 m3 pallet bin. Waxing with a water-soluble wax immediately following ethylene exposure increased the time for complete degassing to over 48 h. Surface gas exchange protiles were prepared by sequentially analyzing the same fruit after: (1) harvest, (2) 22 h exposure to 10 ppm ethylene, (3) exposure to ethylene and washing with an ionic cleaning surfactant, and (4) exposure to ethylene and waxing. Glass cells with interfacing silicone rubber o-rings (23 mm diam.) were strapped to the fruit following each treatment. Ethylene emanation was measured by sampling the cells which were capped 15 m after removal from ethylene. Water and CO2 were measured by flow-through cells following ethylene analysis. Ethylene emanation following the initial exposure was the same for the stem end and midsection and two fold greater than the blossom end. Washing increased the rate of emanation five fold for the stem end and about 2.5 fold for the midsection and blossom end. Waxing reduced emanation by nearly four fold for the midsection and blossom end, but only 30% for the stem end. Water loss was increased about 40% by washing, reduced about 30% by waxing, and was primarily through the stem end. Stem-end CO2 exchange doubled upon waxing.

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Jacqueline K. Burns

The gaseous compound 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is becoming an invaluable tool to abate undesirable ethylene effects in horticultural commodities. In particular, ethylene-related postharvest physiological effects in climacteric fruit, leaf and

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Ting Min, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Wenfu Hou, Youwei Ai, and Hongxun Wang

ERF genes encode plant-specific transcription factors that are located downstream of the ethylene signaling pathway ( Nakano et al., 2006 ). ERFs are members of one of the largest transcription factor families, which is considered a superfamily

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W. Roland Leatherwood, John M. Dole, Ben A. Bergmann, and James E. Faust

Ethylene promotes leaf yellowing, abscission, and general senescence in unrooted cuttings of Codiaeum variegatum Blume. (croton), Pelargonium × hortorum Bailey (pro sp.) [ inquinans × zonale ] (zonal geranium), and Lantana camara L

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Charles Lee Biles, Marisa M. Wall, and Kevin Blackstone

Abbreviations: DAF, days after flowering; C 2 H 5 , ethylene; SDS-PAGE, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; DNS. dinitrosalicylic acid. 1 Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces, NM 88003. This

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Thanidchaya Puthmee, Kenji Takahashi, Midori Sugawara, Rieko Kawamata, Yoshie Motomura, Takashi Nishizawa, Toshiyuki Aikawa, and Wilawan Kumpoun

suberin polymer ( Keren-Keiserman et al., 2004b ). Ethylene is thought to be involved in the development of lignified cell walls containing suberin polymers ( Gerchikov et al., 2008 ) through the activation of POD activity ( Argandoña et al., 2001 ). The