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Jack B. Fisher, Anders Lindström, and Thomas E. Marler

infection by a “barrier zone” that develops from the living cells in the wood of pycnoxylic conifers and dicotyledonous trees ( Shigo, 1984 ). Therefore, pruning or removing adventitious shoots for propagation from Cycas stems (or occurrence of any form of

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Dario J. Chavez and Paul M. Lyrene

In the genus Vaccinium L., there are no fundamental sterility barriers between homoploid members of the same phyletic section (subgenus) ( Darrow et al., 1949 ; Meader and Darrow, 1944 ; Sharpe, 1953 ; Sharpe and Darrow, 1959 ). Diploid

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Joseph Tychonievich and Ryan M. Warner

and other species of Salvia are widely used horticulture crops, the diversity of the genus represents a largely untapped resource for crop improvement, which might be accessed by means of interspecific hybridization. There are a number of known

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Alyssa R. Tarrant, Daniel C. Brainard, and Zachary D. Hayden

differences among treatments, we found that plastic mulch did not act as an effective barrier to potential competition with a cash crop for soil resources. Rather, roots of between-bed living mulches and weeds were able to access soil N and moisture within

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William D. Wheeler, Paul Thomas, Marc van Iersel, and Matthew Chappell

computer and provided monitoring and control capabilities. The software used a web-based GUI that provided access directly at the computer station and remotely over the Internet. The GUI allowed growers to toggle computer-controlled irrigation on and off

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Manuela Baietto and A. Dan Wilson

form chemical and structural barriers to restrict wood colonization by various decay fungi ( Shigo and Shortle, 1979 ; Shortle, 1979 ). The most comprehensive in vitro wood decay study on decay mechanisms was done by Worral et al. (1997) , who

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Eric A. Curry

to water movement across the peel barrier, differences between fruit temperature and treatment temperature have been investigated previously using water inoculated with pathogens such as Mucor piriformis fungal spores ( Combrink and Grobbelaar, 1984

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John D. Lea-Cox, William L. Bauerle, Marc W. van Iersel, George F. Kantor, Taryn L. Bauerle, Erik Lichtenberg, Dennis M. King, and Lauren Crawford

) identify barriers to adoption and implementation of these practices; and 9) engage growers and the industry. As part of the project, we are identifying the costs and benefits of WSN technology to the industry and society, including barriers to adoption. We

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Ian-Huei Yau, Joan R. Davenport, and Michelle M. Moyer

roots to depths of 30 m or more if no impenetrable barriers are present ( Keller, 2010 ). Only under severe water stress will wine grapes access substantial water from greater than 2 m. Shallow soils above parent material or other impenetrable barriers

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Melinda Knuth, Bridget K. Behe, Charles R. Hall, Patricia T. Huddleston, and R. Thomas Fernandez

HOA and a barrier to creativity and innovation indicating that social pressure (through neighbors’ actions or HOA requirements) determines landscape aesthetics rather than the homeowner’s personal wants. Negative attitudes may influence activity and