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Stephen E. McCann and Bingru Huang

creeping bentgrass ( Agrostis stolonifera L.) ( DaCosta and Huang, 2006 ), Kentucky bluegrass ( Poa pratensis L.) ( Perdomo et al., 1996 ), and zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica Steud.) ( Qian and Fry, 1997 ). Regardless, adaptation of specific plant species

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Patrick E. McCullough, Ted Whitwell, Lambert B. McCarty, and Haibo Liu

]. and zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica ) establishment after preemergence herbicide applications Weed Technol. 16 597 602 Ferrell, J.A. Murphy, T.R. Vencill, W.K. 2003 Tolerance of winter-installed tall fescue

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Xinyi Zhang, Li Liao, Zhiyong Wang, Changjun Bai, and Jianxiu Liu

successfully used for genetic analyses of warm-season turfgrasses, such as Zoysia japonica Steud. ( Chen et al., 2009 ; Xie et al., 2012 ), Cynodon dactylon ( Huang et al., 2010 ; Li et al., 2011 ; Ling et al., 2010 ; Wang et al., 2009b , 2013 ; Yi et

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Xiaoya Cai, Laurie E. Trenholm, Jason Kruse, and Jerry B. Sartain

shade levels in ‘Diamond’ zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica Stedu.). Root DW in Trial 1 increased as K rate increased from 0 to 2.4 g·m −2 ( Tables 3 and 4 ). Juska et al. (1965) found that root growth of kentucky bluegrass was reduced without K

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Matthew D. Jeffries, Travis W. Gannon, W. Casey Reynolds, Fred H. Yelverton, and Charles A. Silcox

-Davy] control using dazomet may be improved by applying glyphosate (4.5 kg·ha −1 ) 2 weeks before dazomet application. Furthermore, glyphosate improved bermudagrass control during renovations from hybrid bermudagrass to zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica Steud

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Jack Fry, Randy Taylor, Bob Wolf, Dick Stuntz, and Alan Zuk

courses. In addition, costs associated with purchase of herbicide and seed may be prohibitive for some operations. To avoid the expense associated with sodding golf course fairways and tees, Meyer zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica ), another warm

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Danqing Li, Jiao Zhang, Jiaping Zhang, Kang Li, and Yiping Xia

. Color changes during this period in the transition zones have been studied extensively in warm-season grasses. Pompeiano et al. (2014) found that zoysiagrass ( Zoysia sp.) species/cultivars provided significantly longer dormancy period than fine

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Mohamad Hossein Sheikh Mohamadi, Nematollah Etemadi, Ali Nikbakht, and Mohammad Pessarakli

has been reported for three turf species including Poa pratensis , F. arundinacea , and Zoysia japonica ( Han et al., 2008 ). TE application may increase leaf water content by decreasing leaf growth rate and evapotranspiration rate, or by improving

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John M. Kauffman, John C. Sorochan, and Dean A. Kopsell

characteristics of seashore paspalum or ‘Diamond’ zoysiagrass, a study by Dunn et al. (1981) assessing ‘Meyer’ zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica ) reported thatch-mat depth accumulations between 19 and 39 mm when mowed at a 19-mm height, which mostly exceeded the

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Yuhung Lin and Yaling Qian

levels in cultural solutions. Bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon ), centipedegrass ( Eremochloa ophiuroides ), zoysiagrass ( Zoysia japonica and Zoysia matrella ), seashore paspalum ( Paspalum vaginatum ), and st. augustinegrass ( Stenotaphrum secundatum