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Ni Jia, Qing-Yan Shu, Dan-Hua Wang, Liang-Sheng Wang, Zheng-An Liu, Hong-Xu Ren, Yan-Jun Xu, Dai-Ke Tian, and Kenneth Michael Tilt

Wang, L.S. Hashimoto, F. Shiraishi, A. Aoki, N. Li, J.J. Sakata, Y. 2004 Chemical taxonomy of the Xibei tree peony from China by floral pigmentation J. Plant Res. 117 47 55 Wang

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Adam D. Karl, Michael G. Brown, Sihui Ma, Ann Sandbrook, Amanda C. Stewart, Lailiang Cheng, Anna Katharine Mansfield, and Gregory M. Peck

.C. 1962 The phenolic constituents of plants and their taxonomic significance J. Linnean Soc. London. 58 95 173 Bell, S.-J. Henschke, P.A. 2005 Implications of nitrogen nutrition for grapes, fermentation and wine Austral. J. Grape Wine Res. 11 242 295

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Xiaojing Duan, Zhonglong Zhu, Ziyang Sang, Faju Chen, and Luyi Ma

specimens were gathered, the taxonomic characteristics checked, and AFLP DNA molecular mark analyzed, these trees were confirmed as a new variety of M. wufengensis . Compared with M. wufengensis , because it has more tepals, they were identified as M

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Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, Andrew N. Trigiano, John A. Skinner, Mark T. Windham, Robert N. Trigiano, Timothy A. Rinehart, Sandra M. Reed, and Vincent R. Pantalone

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Nursery Crops 2006 Summary ( USDA, 2007 ) estimated that total nursery crop sales in the United States exceeded $4.5 billion that year, which represented an increase of 17% during the previous 3 years. Deciduous

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He Lisi, Su Jiale, Liu Xiaoqing, Li Chang, and Chen Shangping

bloom and decrease rapidly during fruit maturation ( Yamada et al., 2007 ). The genus Rhododendron , belonging to the family Ericaceae, comprises almost 1000 species with a worldwide distribution but which is concentrated within the sub-alpine and

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David E. Zaurov, Sasha W. Eisenman, Timothy Ford, Sergei Khokhlov, Sovetbek Kenjebaev, Kaiyrkul T. Shalpykov, and C. Reed Funk

Taxonomy. The cultivated almond [ Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb.; syn. Amygdalus communis L., Amygdalus dulcis Mill.; Prunus amygdalus Batsch.] has a long and complex history, both taxonomically and geographically. The species belongs to

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Viviane de Oliveira Souza, Margarete Magalhães Souza, Alex-Alan Furtado de Almeida, Joedson Pinto Barroso, Alexandre Pio Viana, and Cláusio Antônio Ferreira de Melo

angiosperms. Almqvist & Wiksell, Stockholm, Sweden Erdtman, G. 1986 Pollen morphology and plant taxonomy: An introduction to palynology. Almqvist e Wiksell, Stockholm, Sweden Evaldt, A.C.P. Bauermann, S.G. Cancelli, R.R. Acioli, M. Neves, P.C.P. 2011

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. Taxonomic terms used in morphological descriptions are defined. A key is presented for delineation and identification of each species. National U.S. Shiitake Mushroom Survey Gold et al. (p. 489) describe production details and competitive market forces in

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Shea A. Keene, Timothy S. Johnson, Cindy L. Sigler, Terah N. Kalk, Paul Genho, and Thomas A. Colquhoun

, F. Rose, U.S.R. Schnitzler, J. 2006 Practical approaches to plant volatile analysis Plant J. 45 540 560 Toth, P. Undas, A.K. Verstappen, F. Bouwmeester, H. 2016 Floral volatiles in parasitic plants of the Orobanchaceae. Ecological and taxonomic

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Kim E. Hummer

New York, NY Hummer, K.E. Janick, J. 2009 Rosaceae: Taxonomy, economic importance, genomics 1 17 Folta K. Gardiner S. Genetics and genomics of Rosaceae Springer New York, NY Hummer, K.P.N. Yanagi, T. 2009 Decaploidy in Fragaria iturupensis (Rosaceae