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Xiaoya Cai, Laurie E. Trenholm, Jason Kruse, and Jerry B. Sartain

, total nonstructural carbohydrate concentration, and quality as influenced by nitrogen and potassium Crop Sci. 38 168 174 Trenholm, L.E. Kenworthy, K. 2009 ‘Captiva’ st. augustinegrass ENH1137, Univ. of Florida Inst. of Food and Agr. Sci., Gainesville, FL

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Brian Schwartz, Jing Zhang, Jonathon Fox, and Jason Peake

constructions or trees, have always been a great challenge for turfgrass managers. These challenges are becoming more common as roofed stadiums are being built. Shade results in reduced irradiance and reduced levels of total nonstructural carbohydrates (TNCs

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Qi Chai, Fang Jin, Emily Merewitz, and Bingru Huang

Huang, 2001 ). The content of total nonstructural carbohydrate (TNC) in leaves of both species, crowns in PRG and rhizomes in KBG, was analyzed following the method described in Nelson (1944) and Somogyi (1945) , with some modifications. After

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Jinmin Fu, Bingru Huang, and Jack Fry

ryegrass ( Lolium perenne ) had only a slightly lower level of quality when irrigated at 80% ETo relative to 100% ETo. Availability of total nonstructural carbohydrate (TNC) has been widely used as a physiological measure of stress tolerance, because

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Xiuju Bian, Emily Merewitz, and Bingru Huang

photoassimilate partitioning to adjacent tillers and increased total nonstructural carbohydrate accumulation under nonwater-limiting conditions. The increase in soluble sugars by TE was most likely due to a reduction in demand for sugar for growth, instead of a

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Qi Zhang, Jack Fry, Channa Rajashekar, Dale Bremer, and Milton Engelke

. For example, Rogers et al. (1975) reported accumulation of total nonstructural carbohydrate and starch during cold acclimation in ‘Meyer’ in a field study. In contrast, Patton et al. (2007a) reported decreased starch concentrations in zoysiagrass

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Josiah Raymer, Mack Thetford, and Debbie L. Miller

nonstructural carbohydrates (TNC) nor any of several specific carbohydrates were correlated with rooting, and an optimal TNC:N ratio for rooting was not found. Stock plant nutrition has been shown to have a significant effect on rooting percentages ( Blazich

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Maren J. Mochizuki, Oleg Daugovish, Miguel H. Ahumada, Shawn Ashkan, and Carol J. Lovatt

Scientific, Mill Creek, WA). The remaining puree was frozen before analysis of free glucose, fructose, and sucrose using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), total glucose by enzymatic hydrolysis followed by HPLC, and total nonstructural

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James T. Brosnan, Adam W. Thoms, Gregory K. Breeden, and John C. Sorochan

. 2005 Trinexapac-ethyl effects on total nonstructural carbohydrates of field-grown hybrid bermudagrass Intl. Turf. Soc. Res. J. 10 899 903

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B.G. Wherley, P. Skulkaew, A. Chandra, A.D. Genovesi, and M.C. Engelke

( Alexander and McCloud, 1962 ), which leads to a reduction in total nonstructural carbohydrates ( Burton et al., 1959 ; Shnyder and Nelson, 1989 ). As a result, stand density often declines over time as individual tillers die and cannot be replaced as a