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Will Healy and David Graper

Petunia `Red Flash' seedlings were grown under HPS (175 μmol m-2 s-1) photoperiod treatments of 10, 12, 14 or 16 hr at 20C soil temperature in a shaded glasshouse where the maximum peak PPF was reduced to 150 μmolm-2s-1. Seedling were transplanted after they had unfolded a specific number of leaves and grown under natural days or placed under photoperiod treatments which consisted of an 8 hr natural day with incandescent day extension treatments of 1 to 6 hours.

A 16 hr HPS treatment decreased the days to transplant (DTT) by more than 4 days and reduced the days from transplant to flower (DTF) by more than 5 days. The total reduction in days from sowing to flower (DSTF) was at least 8 days. When compared to unlighted controls, the reduction in DSTF was 26 days. The longer the seedlings remained under the HPS treatments, the shorter the DTF and DSTF. Premature shifting of plants to natural days resulted in up to a 9 day delay in DSTF. At photoperiods greater than 13 hr, the number of nodes subtending the inflorescence becomes constant regardless of number of leaves at transplant.

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Ibrahim Demir, Tuba Celikkol, Golge Sarıkamıs, and Ceren Eksi

Viola is a popular bedding plant. The relatively high initial cost of flower seeds has led growers to use precision seeding and transplant production systems to maximize seedling stands ( McDonald and Kwong, 2005 ). Maximum efficiency in plug

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Susan L.F. Meyer, Dilip K. Lakshman, Inga A. Zasada, Bryan T. Vinyard, and David J. Chitwood

nematicide, it was also important to determine whether it was harmful to seedlings of vegetable crops. Clove oil, and its primary constituent eugenol, have been reported to have phytotoxic effects ( Bainard et al., 2006 ; Boyd and Brennan, 2006 ; Boyd et al

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Mohammed El-Sayed El-Mahrouk, Yaser Hassan Dewir, and Salah El-Hendawy

continuation of that research, the objective of the present study was to evaluate pure SGFW and different SGFW-based substrates as alternatives to coir and vermiculite for seed germination and seedling growth of ‘Mrs. Burns’ lemon basil. Materials and methods

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo, and Beibei Fan

). Restoration using container seedlings instead of bare-root seedlings has become increasingly common owing to its multiple advantages with respect to increased survival and growth benefits ( Dumroese et al., 2013 ; Liu et al., 2016 ; Tsakaldimi et al., 2005

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Thomas E. Marler, Ross Miller, and Aubrey Moore

seedlings from the armored scale ( Marler and Terry, 2011 ). An understanding of the causal effects of the limited predation is required to inform ongoing horticultural management and biological control strategies. Toward that goal, our objective was to

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Sahar Dabirian and Carol A. Miles

Watermelon ( C. lanatus ) seedling grafting is a means of managing abiotic stresses (e.g., high soil salinity, drought, and high temperature), reducing the reliance on chemical and fertilizer inputs, and enhancing fruit quality ( Colla et al., 2010

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Bizhen Hu, Mark A. Bennett, and Matthew D. Kleinhenz

Seed and seedling vigor influence horticultural operations significantly and much has been done to establish operational definitions of and methods to assess both. For many, the line between seed vigor and seedling vigor is the transition of new

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Na Zhang, Lu Han, Lixin Xu, and Xunzhong Zhang

seedlings has not been widely studied. For this work, we investigated physiological parameters in seedlings of two kentucky bluegrass cultivars under drought and well-watered conditions to analyze if ETH seed treatment can alter antioxidant enzyme activity

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Thomas E. Marler, April Cascasan, and John H. Lawrence

absence of scientific rigor is often available for propagation and nursery care of seedlings, even for rare species such as these. For example, several writings discuss anecdotal observations on S. nelsonii seed germination ( Richardson and Marutani