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Jorge M. Fonseca, Hyun-Jin Kim, Wesley L. Kline, Christian A. Wyenandt, Murshidul Hoque, Husein Ajwa, and Ned French

). It is possible that the decline in phenolics with time is the result of formation of lignin. There is increased evidence that multiple phenolic acids are key compounds in lignin of plants ( Iiyama et al., 1994 ). Increased lignification in oregano

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Mikal E. Saltveit

will display morphological changes (e.g., loss of sheen and glossiness and graying of tips, limp, wilted appearance, and darkened spots or streaks near the tips) and physiological changes (e.g., increased membrane permeability, lignification of stem

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Zehuang Zhang, Qihua Lin, and Qiuzhen Zhong

Characterization of cDNAs associated with lignification and their expression profiles in loquat fruit with different lignin accumulation Planta 6 1243 1254 Shi, C.Y. Yang, H. Wei, C.L. Yu, O. Zhang, Z.Z. Jiang, C.J. Sun, J. Li, Y.Y. Chen, Q. Xia, T. Wan, X.C. 2011

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Preeti Sood, Chris Ference, Jan Narciso, and Ed Etxeberria

avenue for food pathogens, and water loss is easily controlled. Literature cited Brown, G.E. Ismail, M.A. Barmore, C.R. 1979 Lignification of injuries to citrus fruit and susceptibility to green mold Proc. Florida State Hort. Soc. 91 124 126 Drouillard, G

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Haishan An, Jiajia Meng, Fangjie Xu, Shuang Jiang, Xiaoqing Wang, Chunhui Shi, Boqiang Zhou, Jun Luo, and Xueying Zhang

suggested that the rooting response of blueberry depends not only on the cultivar but also on the growing medium, collection time, and lignification of the cuttings ( Hoffmann et al., 1995 ; Palanisamy and Kumar, 1997 ). For example, the rooting rates of

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Daniel Ferreira Holderbaum, Tomoyuki Kon, Tsuyoshi Kudo, and Miguel Pedro Guerra

, J. Larrigaudière, C. 2005 Specific roles of enzymatic browning and lignification in apple disease resistance Postharvest Biol. Technol. 36 227 234 Vamos-Vigyazo, L. Gajzago, I. 1976 Studies on

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Sibylle Stoeckli, Karsten Mody, Silvia Dorn, and Markus Kellerhals

to other leaf or fruit traits such as high trichome density ( Plourde et al., 1985 ), wax deposits ( Hagley et al., 1980 ), or lignification ( Westigard et al., 1975 ). So far, the effects of the latter traits on C. pomonella infestation have been

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Diana R. Cochran, Richard L. Harkess, Patricia R. Knight, Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Eugene K. Blythe, and Charles H. Gilliam

, oxidizing agents, cell wall lignifications, pathogenesis-related proteins, and transcripts of unknown functions ( Mert-Türk, 2002 ). Additionally, Regalia ® has been reported to increase chlorophyll content and the activity of peroxidases

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Ramón A. Arancibia, Jeffrey L. Main, and Christopher A. Clark

lignification and increases the force required to peel sweetpotato storage roots HortScience 47 S191 (abstr.)

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Luis Pozo and Jacqueline K. Burns

abscission zone (AZ-A) of fruitlets ( Goren, 1981 ), whereas the calyx abscission zone (AZ-C) remains less active because the separation layer remains undifferentiated. The changing hormonal gradients in AZ-A and lignification of pedicel tissues surrounding