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Kathleen Delate, Andrea McKern, Robert Turnbull, James T.S. Walker, Richard Volz, Allan White, Vincent Bus, Dave Rogers, Lyn Cole, Natalie How, Sarah Guernsey, and Jason Johnston

, exhibited the largest amount of senescent breakdown, and after 4 months showed higher amounts of splitting. On the other hand, conventional ‘McIntosh’ apples stored in controlled atmosphere (CA) showed the most internal browning after 8 months, and when

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Xingbin Xie, Congbing Fang, and Yan Wang

409 Xie, X. Einhorn, T. Wang, Y. 2015 Inhibition of ethylene biosynthesis and associated gene expression by aminothoxyvinylglycine and 1-methylcyclopropene and their consequences on eating quality and internal browning of ‘Starkrimson’ pears J. Amer

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Jennifer R. DeEll and Geoffrey B. Lum

; Watkins and Liu, 2010 ; Watkins et al., 1997 ). In most cases, symptoms of external CO 2 injury progress with minimal internal flesh browning or damage. Flesh browning, also known as internal browning, is characterized by diffuse browning of the flesh

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis, and David R. Rudell

, senescence- and ripening-associated storage disorders including core browning and internal browning were negatively associated with firmness in cold- or CA-stored ‘Ambrosia’ and ‘Empire’ apples ( Ehsani-Moghaddam and DeEll, 2009 ). I AD has been applied as a

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Peiyan Li, Xiaolin Zheng, Md. Golam Ferdous Chowdhury, Kim Cordasco, and Jeffrey K. Brecht

Phakawatmongkola, W. Ketsa, S. Doorn, W.G.V. 2004 Variation in fruit chilling injury among mango cultivars Postharvest Biol. Technol. 32 115 118 Rui, H.J. Cao, S.F. Shang, H.T. Jin, P. Wang, K.T. Zheng, Y.H. 2010 Effects of heat treatment on internal browning and

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Giacomo Cocetta, Ilaria Mignani, and Anna Spinardi

storage Postharvest Biol. Technol. 65 79 91 Lee, J. Mattheis, J.P. Rudell, D.R. 2012b Antioxidant treatment alters metabolism associated with internal browning in ‘Braeburn’ apples during controlled atmosphere storage Postharvest Biol. Technol. 68 32 42

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Jinshi Cui, Myongkyoon Yang, Daesik Son, Seongmin Park, and Seong-In Cho

) characterized factors that result in puncture damage during handling. Bruises develop in the flesh of the damaged fruit as an internal browning region resulting from the oxidation of phenolic compounds and tissue breakdown ( Opara and Pathare, 2014 ). Currently

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R. Karina Gallardo, Qi Zhang, Michael Dossett, James J. Polashock, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Nicholi Vorsa, Patrick P. Edger, Hamid Ashrafi, Ebrahiem Babiker, Chad E. Finn, and Massimo Iorizzo

internal browning development in mechanically damaged and non-damaged highbush blueberries ( Vaccinium corymbosum L.) Front. Plant Sci. 8 535 Moore, J.N. 1993 Blueberry cultivars of North America HortTechnology 3 370 374 Olmstead, J.W. Finn, C.E. 2014

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Sarunya Yimyong, Tatsiana U. Datsenka, Avtar K. Handa, and Kanogwan Seraypheap

. 2010 Effects of heat treatment on internal browning and membrane fatty acid in loquat fruit in response to chilling stress J. Sci. Food Agr. 90 1557 1561 Rugkong, A. Rose, J.K.C. Lee, S.J. Giovannoni, J.J. O'Neill, M.A. Watkins, C.B. 2010 Cell wall

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Ibrahim I. Tahir and Hilde Nybom

. Int. 8 351 360 Elgar, H.J. Burmeister, D.M. Watkins, C.B. 1998 Storage and handling effects on a CO 2 -related internal browning disorder of ‘Braeburn’ apples HortScience 33 719 722 Fallik, E. 2006 Hot water treatments for control of fungal decay on