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Craig E. Kallsen

CP accumulation of 36 as the threshold for ‘Mateur’ in Tunisia. In the Central Valley of California, winter fog is associated with cooler daytime temperatures and has long been associated with improved chilling for deciduous fruit and nut crops

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Brian E. Jackson, Robert D. Wright, and Mark M. Alley

, temperature, soil moisture, root biomass, nutrient availability, and microbial activity and biomass ( Casadesus et al., 2007 ; Fog, 1988 ; Wang et al., 2003 ). The estimation of microbial populations (e.g., bacteria, fungi, protozoa) in soils or soilless

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Brian E. Jackson, Robert D. Wright, and John R. Seiler

content, temperature, soil moisture, root biomass, and microbial activity and biomass ( Casadesus et al., 2007 ; Ding et al., 2007 ; Fog, 1988 ; Steinweg et al., 2008 ; Wang et al., 2003 ). The estimation of microbial activity could represent a

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Nadia Jiménez-Peña, Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Ana M. Castillo-González, María T. Colinas-León, Andrew D. Cartmill, and Donita L. Cartmill

in México (lat. 19°29′05″ N, long. and 98°53′11″ W) from 1 May to 15 Dec. 2007. The glasshouse was equipped with a fog system for relative humidity control and a heater for temperature control. Average temperature and relative humidity for the

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Anthony S. Davis, Matthew M. Aghai, Jeremiah R. Pinto, and Kent G. Apostol

, which was maintained at a relative humidity of ≈80%. Subsequently, fogging was suspended and the germinants were watered by hand (gentle misting nozzle on a standard hose) and then by using an overhead system at a reduced flow rate for 3 weeks during the

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Neil O. Anderson, Peter D. Ascher, Vincent Fritz, Charlie Rohwer, Steven Poppe, Shengrui Yao, Patricia Johnson, Lee Klossner, and Neal Eash

firmly fixes morphological traits in clonal ramets. Cuttings are propagated as herbaceous stem tip cuttings that root in ≈1 week under intermittent mist or fog systems, after basipetal cut ends are dipped into 1000 ppm IBA in 50% EtOH ( Anderson and

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Dave Llewellyn, Katherine Schiestel, and Youbin Zheng

temperature set points were 21.0 and 16.0 °C, respectively the relative humidity (RH) target was 70% and was maintained using aerial foggers located at gutter level. Temperature and RH sensors (HOBO U12-013; Onset Computer Corporation, Bourne, MA) were located

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Hans Spalholz and Chieri Kubota

-and-fan evaporative cooling system and overhead air heating system were used for ambient temperature control. In addition, a high-pressure fogging system was used for humidification with a minimum set point of 55% relative humidity. When moved to the greenhouse, the

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Efstathia Exadaktylou, Thomas Thomidis, Brian Grout, George Zakynthinos, and Constantinos Tsipouridis

, substrates, and pots Ciencia Rural 33 437 442 Trobec, M. Osterc, G. Stefancic, F. 2004 Propagation of rootstocks ‘M9’ and ‘Gisela 5’ using a fog system method for greenwood cuttings. Zbornik referatov 1. Slovenskega sadjarskega kongresa z mednarodno udelezbo

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Tadahisa Higashide

In many parts of Japan, it is too hot in the summer to produce tomatoes ( Solanum lycopersicum ) in a greenhouse without using a special cooling system such as a fog or fan-and-pad system. One of the advantages of hilly and mountainous areas is