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Jun-Bo Yang, Hong-Tao Li, De-Zhu Li, Jie Liu, Lian-Ming Gao, De-Zhu Li, Lian-Ming Gao, and Jie Liu

. Taxonomic treatments of some Chinese conifers Novon 7 261 264 Miao, Y.C. Su, J.R. Zhang, Z.J. Li, H. Luo, J. Zhang, Y.P. 2008 Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for

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Linglong Wei, Jarrod J. Morrice, Rodney V. Tocco, and Bernard H. Zandstra

et al., 2004 ). Hexazinone (Velpar, DuPont Corp.) is registered for use in Christmas trees. Sulfometuron (Oust XP, DuPont Corp.) is not labeled for Christmas trees but is labeled for conifer release in forestry plantations. Both herbicides provide

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Sheng-Xi Liao, Xian-Jie Mi, Ai-Zhong Liu, Kun Li, Zhen-Yin Yang, and Bo Tian

of fresh leaf tissue Phytochem Bull 19 11 15 Farjon, A. 2001 World checklist and bibliography of conifers 2nd Ed The Royal Botanic Gardens Press Kew, UK 40 Farjon, A. 2005 A monograph of

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Benjamin E. Deloso, Anders J. Lindström, Frank A. Camacho, and Thomas E. Marler

homeostasis, including inactivation of excess auxin by oxidation or conjugation ( Woodward and Bartel, 2005 ). Recent research on conifers suggest oxidation is minimally used but conjugation is employed to inactivate excessive levels of IAA when auxin is

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Myounghai Kwak, Jeong-Ki Hong, Eun Sil Lee, Byoung Yoon Lee, Min Hwan Suh, and Bert Cregg

Korean fir ( A. koreana ) is a popular ornamental conifer planted in cold-climate gardens and preferred as Christmas trees in North American and European countries ( Cregg, 2008 ). This species is endemic to Korea, where it is currently distributed

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M. Elizabeth Rutledge, John Frampton, L. Eric Hinesley, and Gary Blank

leader growth of Fraser fir by 32% without reducing bud counts on the leaders ( Owen et al., 2004 ). In conifers, formation of the terminal leader is a 2-year process ( Powell, 1982 ). The first year consists of formation of bud primordia, which

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Bert M. Cregg, Pascal Nzokou, and Ron Goldy

Weed control is a major concern for Christmas tree growers in the midwestern United States. Controlling weeds improves initial conifer seedling survival and growth after establishment ( Harper et al., 2005 ; Knowe and Stein, 1995 ; NeSmith and

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Jack B. Fisher, Anders Lindström, and Thomas E. Marler

in woody stems of other gymnosperms (e.g., conifers, Gnetum , and Ginkgo ). Cycad stems are also unusual in having concentric cylinders of vascular tissue ( Fig. 1A ) that are produced by multiple vascular cambia with each new additional cylinder

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Ryan N. Contreras, John M. Ruter, and Brian M. Schwartz

Eco-physiological studies on the response of taxodiaceous conifers to shading, with special reference to the behaviour of leaf pigments. I. Distribution of carotenoids in green and autumnal reddish brown leaves of gymnosperms Bot. Mag. Tokyo 94

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Pascal Nzokou and Bert M. Cregg

irrigation in various conifer species under field conditions ( Nilsson and Orlander, 2003 ; Snowdon and Benson, 1992 ; Trichet et al., 2008 ). Maintaining a wet growing medium in highly irrigated plots allows stomata to remain opened longer resulting in