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Wesley Gartner, Paul C. Bethke, Theodore J. Kisha, and James Nienhuis

, V.B. 2006 Bitter taste markers explain variability in vegetable sweetness, bitterness, and intake Physiol. Behav. 87 304 313 Geiger, D.R. Shieh, W.J. Saluke, R.M. 1989 Carbon partitioning among leaves, fruits, and seeds during development of

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Yajun Chen, Jingjin Yu, and Bingru Huang

DaCosta, M. Huang, B. 2006 Changes in carbon partitioning and accumulation patterns during drought and recovery for colonial bentgrass, creeping bentgrass, and velvet bentgrass J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131 484 490 Ebdon, J.S. Kopp, K.L. 2004 Relationships

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Mildred N. Makani, Steven A. Sargent, Lincoln Zotarelli, Donald J. Huber, and Charles A. Sims

). Water and nitrogen availability during plant growth can affect leaf growth and carbon partitioning, and subsequently the biochemical process involved in tuber skin-set ( Tyner et al., 1997 ). Northeast Florida accounts for the majority of the state

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Matthew Arrington, Mateus S. Pasa, and Todd C. Einhorn

, and nonstructural carbohydrates J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 125 169 176 Zhang, C. Tanabe, K. Tamura, F. Itai, A. Wang, S. 2005 Spur characteristics, fruit growth, and carbon partitioning in two late-maturing Japanese pear ( Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai

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Naveen Kumar, Fnu Kiran, and Ed Etxeberria

of starch granules, whereas copious amounts of starch granules were present in uninfected roots. It seems HLB-affected fourth-order roots developed a sustainable strategy for carbon partitioning toward lower order (third and second) roots to sustain

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Hui-juan Zhou, Xia-nan Zhang, Ming-shen Su, Ji-hong Du, Xiong-wei Li, and Zheng-wen Ye

light-c treatment on host induced resistance to decay Crop Prot. 24 756 759 Sturm, A. Tang, G.Q. 1999 The sucrose-cleaving enzymes of plants are crucial for development, growth and carbon partitioning Trends Plant Sci. 4 401 407 Sun, Z. Li, Y. Zhou, J

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Luisa Dalla Costa, Nicola Tomasi, Stefano Gottardi, Francesco Iacuzzo, Giovanni Cortella, Lara Manzocco, Roberto Pinton, Tanja Mimmo, and Stefano Cesco

. 1995 Effects of global environmental change on carbon partitioning in vegetative plants of Triticum aestivum and closely related Aegilops species Glob. Change Biol. 1 397 406 Landhäusser, S.M. DesRochers, A. Lieffers, V.J. 2001 A comparison of

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Peter J. Zale, Daniel K. Struve, Pablo Jourdan, and David M. Francis

of genetic variance to stand development of four North American conifers Silvae Genet. 28 207 212 Gardiner, J. 2000 Magnolias: A gardener's guide Timber Press Portland, OR Gifford, R.M. Evans, L.T. 1981 Photosynthesis, carbon partitioning, and yield

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Nanqing Liu, Yixin Shen, and Bingru Huang

. Bot. 49 1361 1370 Chaves, M.M. Maroco, J.P. Pereira, J.S. 2003 Understanding plant responses to drought—from genes to the whole plant Funct. Plant Biol. 30 239 264 DaCosta, M. Huang, B. 2006 Changes in carbon partitioning and accumulation patterns

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Dharmalingam S. Pitchay, Jonathan M. Frantz, James C. Locke, Charles R. Krause, and George C. J. Fernandez

with increasing N supply ( Fig. 8 ). In a supraoptimal N environment, the additional C needed for amino acid synthesis was likely provided at the expense of biomass synthesis ( Champigny, 1995 ). This shift in carbon partitioning may result in N within