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Tingting Sun, Tingting Pei, Zhijun Zhang, Mingjun Li, Linlin Huang, Cuiying Li, Xueyan Shi, Minghui Zhan, Xiaoyu Cao, Fengwang Ma, and Changhai Liu

the aerial parts were influenced more than the underground parts ( Sun et al., 2017 ). Under O and OLP stresses, the physiological indicators showed that Ms had the best resistance, followed by Mp and Mh. To elucidate the relationship between OLP

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James S. Busse, Senay Ozgen, and Jiwan P. Palta

and Broadley, 2003 ). Thus, calcium deficiency symptoms are observed in tissues with a low transpiration rate, including young expanding leaves, enclosed shoot tissues, fruits, underground tubers, and in portions of the plant principally fed by phloem

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Gerardo H. Nunez, Hilda Patricia Rodríguez-Armenta, Rebecca L. Darnell, and James W. Olmstead

( Stockton, 1976 ). Additionally, deeper roots would give V. arboreum access to nitrate that has percolated to deeper parts of the soil ( Lynch and Wojciechowski, 2015 ), which combined with its greater nitrate reductase activity ( Poonnachit and Darnell

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Li Ma, Chang Wei Hou, Xin Zhong Zhang, Hong Li Li, De Guo Han, Yi Wang, and Zhen Hai Han

by destructive sampling techniques such as soil coring, in-growth cores, whole root-system excavation, and trenching ( Johnson et al., 2001 ; Wu et al., 2005 ). The conventional underground observation chambers were used to analyze root systems

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S. Christopher Marble, Andrew K. Koeser, and Gitta Hasing

and parts of the United States are now banning or restricting the use of herbicides and other “cosmetic” pesticides, specifically around schools and public buildings ( Cole et al., 2011 ; Robbins and Sharp, 2003b ; Sandberg and Foster, 2005 ). Due to

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Juran C. Goyali, Abir U. Igamberdiev, and Samir C. Debnath

form large colonies of genetically identical plants termed as clones, connected via rhizomes (underground shoots) ( Vander Kloet, 1988 ). In commercial production, the bushes of these blueberries are managed with naturally growing native populations of

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Fátima Medina-Lara, Ramón Souza-Perera, Manuel Martínez-Estévez, Manuel O. Ramírez-Sucre, Ingrid M. Rodríguez-Buenfil, and Ileana Echevarría Machado

clarification is achieved, it will be possible to reduce the present contamination of underground water, resulting from the excessive use of chemical fertilizers ( Pérez-Ceballos and Pacheco-Ávila, 2004 ) and to increase agricultural yields. The aim of this work

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Katharina S. Wigg and Irwin L. Goldman

). Plants exhibit aboveground symptoms including black lesions on petioles touching the soil surface followed by the wilting and death of older leaves ( Windels et al., 2009 ). Underground symptoms include copious circular root lesions ranging from 2 to 25

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, all plants survived and few exhibited salt damage symptoms. There was no significant salt rate effect on growth, as determined by the wet weight of aboveground parts. There were genotype differences. The hybrid produced higher wet weights than BC and