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Aneta K. Studzinska, David S. Gardner, James D. Metzger, David Shetlar, Robert Harriman, and T. Karl Danneberger

-ethyl, propiconazole, iron, and biostimulant effects on shades creeping bentgrass HortTechnology 14 500 506 Frank, A.B. Hofman, L. 1994 Light quality and stem numbers in cool-season grasses Crop Sci. 34 468 473 Goss, R.M. Baird, J.H. Kelm, S.L. Calhoun, R.N. 2002

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Jen A. Sembera, Erica J. Meier, and Tina M. Waliczek

, A.T. Craigie, J.S. Norrie, J. Prithiviraj, B. 2009 Seaweed extracts as biostimulants of plant growth and development J. Plant Growth Regul. 28 386 399 Klock-Moore, K. 2000 Comparison of salvia growth in seaweed and biosolids compost Compost Sci. Util

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Monica L. Elliott, J.A. McInroy, K. Xiong, J.H. Kim, H.D. Skipper, and E.A. Guertal

populations of introduced Pseudomonas fluorescens and Streptomyces sp. on a fairway turf BioControl 51 323 337 Mueller, S.R. Kussow, W.R. 2005 Biostimulant influences on turfgrass microbial communities and creeping

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Jorge M. Fonseca, Hyun-Jin Kim, Wesley L. Kline, Christian A. Wyenandt, Murshidul Hoque, Husein Ajwa, and Ned French

showed that a two- or three-order reduction of micro-organisms is the highest level commonly achieved ( Fonseca, 2006b ). Although products such as pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, and biostimulants are of common use in agriculture, very

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Yu Huang, John E. Kaminski, and Peter J. Landschoot

sources of dew on creeping bentgrass Crop Sci. 38 1613 1617 Xu, Y. Huang, B. 2010 Responses of creeping bentgrass to trinexapac-ethyl and biostimulants under summer stress HortScience 45 125 131 Zhang, X. Schmidt, R.E. 2000 Application of trinexapac

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Junyang Song

. Literature Cited Chen, Z. Wang, J. Sun, J. Wang, M. 2015 Study on high efficient cultivation technique in Chrysanthemum. Chinese Horticulture Abstracts 28–29 De Lucia, B. Vecchietti, L. 2012 Type of bio-stimulant and application method effects on stem quality

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Timothy K. Broschat and Monica L. Elliott

acid, fulvic acid, vitamins, and biostimulants such as kelp ( Ascophylum nodosum ) extract. The beneficial interactions of bacteria and AM fungi are multifaceted, ranging from a direct effect on the AM fungi to increased nutrient uptake due to increased

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Matthew D. Madsen, Michael A. Fidanza, Nicholas S. Barney, Stanley J. Kostka, Turmandakh Badrakh, and Mica F. McMillan

., 1994 ). It may be plausible that seed absorption of various biostimulants such as plant growth regulators, fungicides, and fertilizers could be improved by adding a nonionic surfactant within the seed treatment formulation. Future research is needed to

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Marco Volterrani, Nicola Grossi, Monica Gaetani, Lisa Caturegli, Aimila-Eleni Nikolopoulou, Filippo Lulli, and Simone Magni

management and physiology. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL Ervin, E.H. Zhang, X. Askew, S.D. Goatley, J.M. Jr 2004 Trinexapac-ethyl, propiconazole, iron and biostimulant effects on shaded creeping bentgrass HortTechnology 14 500 506 Fletcher, R.A. Gilley, A

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Xunzhong Zhang, Damai Zhou, Erik H. Ervin, Greg K. Evanylo, Derik Cataldi, and Jinling Li

activity of agricultural biostimulants: Bioassays for plant growth regulators in three soil additives Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 29 859 866 Tester, C.F. 1989 Tall fescue growth in greenhouse, growth chamber and field plots amended with sewage sludge