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Moritz Knoche, Bishnu P. Khanal, and Matej Stopar

Ultrastructure of epicuticular wax aggregates during fruit development in apple ( Malus domestica Borkh.) J. Hort. Sci. Biotechnol. 80 668 676 Curry, E.A. 2008 Effects of 1-MCP applied postharvest on epicuticular wax of apples ( Malus domestica Borkh.) during

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Eric Curry

The presence of russet on ‘Golden Delicious' ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) apples has long been a concern to producers and marketers of fresh fruit throughout the world because it detracts from the smooth, uniform finish of the fruit and results in

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Maude Lachapelle, Gaétan Bourgeois, and Jennifer R. DeEll

and Methods Experimental sites and years of harvest. Firmness data were obtained from ‘McIntosh’ apples ( Malus × domestica Borkh. cv. McIntosh) harvested in nine sites, five in Quebec (Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford, Franklin, Frelighsburg, Oka, and Mont

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Travis R. Alexander, Thomas S. Collins, and Carol A. Miles

of the polyphenolic composition of cider apple ( Malus domestica ) fruits and juices J. Agr. Food Chem. 51 6240 6247 Harbertson, J.F. Picciotto, E.A. Adams, D.O. 2003 Measurement of polymeric pigments in grape berry extracts and wines using a protein

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Carole L. Bassett and D. Michael Glenn

allocation, and actin served as a light-insensitive control. Materials and Methods Collection of plant material. Trees of Malus × domestica ‘Empire’/‘M.7A’ (M.7A) were used in this study. The apple orchard was planted at Kearneysville, WV (lat. 39.3° N

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Rongcai Yuan and Jianguo Li

‘Delicious’ is one of the most important apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) cultivars grown in the United States. Excessive preharvest apple fruit drop, which occurs before fruit develop optimum red color, maturity, or size, is one of its faults

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C.R. Unrath, J.D. Obermiller, A. Green, and S.J. McArtney

. Fruit Sci. 3 63 79 Dal Cin, V. Dorigoni, A. Ramina, A. Boschetti, A. Danesin, M. Botton, A. 2008 Ethylene and preharvest drop: The effect of AVG and NAA on fruit abscission in apple ( Malus domestica L. Borkh) Plant Growth Regulat. 56 317 325 Gardner, F

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Bahar Fallahi, Bahman Shafii, and Zabihollah Zamani

27 Saure, M.C. 1990 External control of anthocyanin formation in apple Sci. Hort. 42 181 218 Veberic, R. Zadravec, P. Stampar, F. 2007 Fruit quality of ‘Fuji’ apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) strains J. Sci. Food Agr. 87 593 599 Washington State

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Peter M.A. Toivonen, Jared Stoochnoff, Kevin Usher, Changwen Lu, Paul A. Wiersma, and Chunhua Zhou

of ‘Gala’ apples ( Malus domestica ) in New Brunswick, Canada: 1. Impact on canopy microclimate and leaf gas exchange N. Z. J. Crop Hortic. Sci. 36 221 231 Reay, P.F. Lancaster, J.E. 2001 Accumulation of anthocyanins and quercetin glycosides in ‘Gala

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Gregory Peck, Megan McGuire, Thomas Boudreau IV, and Amanda Stewart

HortScience 51 236 244 Stopar, M. Bolcina, U. Vanzo, A. Vrhovsek, U. 2002 Lower crop load for cv. Jonagold apples ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) increases polyphenol content and fruit quality J. Agr. Food Chem. 50 6 1643 1646 Thompson-Witrick, K.A. Goodrich, K