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Ed Stover and Eric W. Mercure

. Recent trends indicate that the health-giving and flavor-filled properties of these fruits may soon reverse this oversight. TAXONOMIC ODDITY AND NAMING Botanically, the pomegranate ( P. granatum ) is in the subclass Rosidae, order Myrtales, which is

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David J. Norman, Qi Huang, Jeanne M.F. Yuen, Arianna Mangravita-Novo, and Drew Byrne

greenhouse or growth chambers. All plants subject to R1B1 testing were placed in a greenhouse with temperatures maintained between 18 and 32 °C, maximum lighting at 266 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 , and a natural photoperiod. Osmocote-Plus (15N–9P 2 O 5 –12K 2 O; Sierra

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Sandra B. Wilson, Gary W. Knox, Keona L. Muller, Rosanna Freyre, and Zhanao Deng

consequence of this is its ability to self-seed and readily naturalize in areas far beyond its planting. Introduced to the United States from Central and South America, nettleleaf porterweed has since escaped cultivation in Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico ( U.S

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Oussama H. Mounzer, Wenceslao Conejero, Emilio Nicolás, Isabel Abrisqueta, Yelitza V. García-Orellana, Luis M. Tapia, Juan Vera, Jose M. Abrisqueta, and Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Sánchez

Experiment Station. University of Florida S-346 Soil Survey Staff 2006 Keys to soil taxonomy 10th ed USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Washington, DC

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Mark K. Ehlenfeldt and James J. Polashock

applications Biotechniques 5 748 750 Trehane, J. 2004 Blueberries, cranberries, and other Vacciniums . Timber Press, Portland, OR Vander Kloet, S.P. Dickinson, T.A. 1992 The taxonomy of Vaccinium section Hemimyrtillus Bot. Mag. Tokyo 105 601 614 Vander

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Matthew Chappell, Carol Robacker, and Tracie M. Jenkins

with evergreen azaleas, is a common plant in eastern U.S. landscapes ( Galle, 1987 ). The level of genetic diversity among species has been addressed in a previous study ( Scheiber et al., 2000 ), yet no research has described the amount of genetic

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James F. Hancock, Chad E. Finn, James J. Luby, Adam Dale, Pete W. Callow, and Sedat Serçe

Hancock, J.F. Serçe, S. Portman, C.M. Callow, P.W. Luby, J.J. 2004 Taxonomic variation among North and South American subspecies of Fragaria virginiana Miller and F. chiloensis (L) Miller Can. J. Bot. 82

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Christopher J. Currey and Roberto G. Lopez

potted plant production specialists HortTechnology 11 477 481 Athanassiou, N. McNett, J.M. Harvey, C. 2016 Critical thinking in the management classroom: Bloom’s taxonomy as a learning tool J. Mgt. Educ. 27 533 555 Boodley, J.W. 1996 The commercial

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Paul R. Fantz

synonymy ( Ohwi, 1953 ). In the 1990s, several U.S. botanical gardens changed plant labels from a cultivar of L. muscari to a cultivar of L. platyphylla , accepting the prior taxonomic treatment ( Wang and Tang, 1951 ). However, Bailey's transfer was

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Georgia Ntatsi, Dimitrios Savvas, Georgia Ntatsi, Hans-Peter Kläring, and Dietmar Schwarz

( A, D ), leaves ( B, E ), and fruit ( C, F ). The values are means ± se s of 20 replications. TG = triglycerides. Discussion In contrast to a previous report ( Bloom et al., 2004 ), but in accordance with later results ( Venema et al., 2008 ), LA