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Deron Caplan, Mike Dixon, and Youbin Zheng

Bull. Narc. 49 139 Russo, E.B. 2007 History of cannabis and its preparations in saga, science, and sobriquet Chem. Biodivers. 4 1614 1648 Russo, E.B. 2011 Taming THC: Potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects Brit. J

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Qin Shi, Yunlong Yin, Zhiquan Wang, Wencai Fan, and Jianfeng Hua

? Evidence from DNA sequences and terpenoids Phytologia 94 159 168 Allen, C.D. M acalady, A.K. Chenchouni, H. Bachelet, D. McDowell, N. Vennetier-Kitzberger, M. Rigling, T. Breshears, D.D. Hogg, E.T. Patrick, G. Fensham, R. Zhen, Z. Jorge, C. Natalia, D. Jong

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Huiling Wang, Wei Wang, Weidong Huang, and Haiying Xu

an anti-CHS antibody Protein Expr. Purif. 50 223 228 Tounekti, T. Hernández, I. Munné-Bosch, S. 2013 Salicylic acid biosynthesis and role in modulating terpenoid and flavonoid metabolism in plant responses to abiotic stress, p. 141–162. In: S. Hayat

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Au Trung Vo, Imane Haddidi, Hussein Daood, Zoltan Mayer, and Katalin Posta

), together with changed phytohormone level in the mycorrhizal plant ( Toussaint, 2007 ), enhanced plant terpenoids and phenolic acids. Another reason could be that AMF can induce defense-related compounds (including the production of phenolic compounds) in

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Ju Ding, Kai Shi, Yan-Hong Zhou, and Jing-Quan Yu

induce resistance. The increased resistance to sprouting and diseases in BR-treated potato tubers were found to be associated with enhancement of the synthesis of abscisic acid (ABA) as well as phenolic and terpenoid substances ( Khripach et al., 2000

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Diane Feliciano Cayanan, Ping Zhang, Weizhong Liu, Mike Dixon, and Youbin Zheng

of Phytophthora in recycled nursery irrigation water Plant Dis. 87 1183 1189 Howell, C.R. Hanson, L.E. Stipanovic, R.D. Puckhaber, L.S. 2000 Induction of terpenoid synthesis in cotton roots and control of Rhizoctonia solani by seed treatment with

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Jessica L. Gilbert, Michael L. Schwieterman, Thomas A. Colquhoun, David G. Clark, and James W. Olmstead

acetyl CoA molecule may enter fatty acid metabolism, whereupon a subset of fatty acids is catabolized to volatile compounds, or it may enter the mevalonate pathway, resulting in a range of terpenoid compounds. This latter and defined path to linalool may

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Victoria M. Anderson, Douglas D. Archbold, Robert L. Geneve, Dewayne L. Ingram, and Krista L. Jacobsen

Siddiqui, Y. Islama, T.M. Naidu, Y. Meon, S. 2011 The conjunctive use of compost tea and inorganic fertiliser on the growth, yield and terpenoid content of Centella asiatica (L.) urban Sci. Hort. 130 289 295 Sigal Escalada, V. Archbold, D.D. 2009

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Archana Khadgi and Courtney A. Weber

secreting trichomes are present in many vascular plants and are multicellular structures with secreting glands at the tip of the stalk, which often produce and store terpenoids, phenylpropanoid oils, and other secondary metabolites ( Mahmoud and Croteau

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İbrahim Kahramanoğlu and Chunpeng Wan

high levels of vitamins A, C, and E, carotene, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, terpenoids, mucilage, fiber, essential fatty acids, and some minerals (i.e., calcium and potassium) ( Yarijani et al., 2019 ). Mallows have a long history of medicinal use