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Satoru Motoki, Hiroaki Kitazawa, Tomonori Kawabata, Hiroaki Sakai, Ken-ichi Matsushima, and Yasunori Hamauzu

.Y. Jiang, W.B. 2006 Lignin deposition and effect of postharvest treatment on lignification of green asparagus ( Asparagus officinalis L.) Plant Growth Regulat. 48 187 193 Maeda, T. 2008 Chemical components, freshness retention of asparagus, p. 189–199. In

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Ildikó Hernádi, Zita Sasvári, Jana Albrechtová, Miroslav Vosátka, and Katalin Posta

Active changes of lignifications-related enzymes in pepper response to Glomus intraradices and/or Phytophthora capsici J. Zhejiang Univ. Sci. B 6 778 786

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Wahiba Boutebtoub, Michel Chevalier, Jean-Claude Mauget, Monique Sigogne, Philippe Morel, and Gilles Galopin

. 2 ). These leaves are considered to be mature. The distal part of the stems has a growing apex and young anthocyanated leaves in their initial state of development ( Fig. 3 ). The middle part is in the process of lignification. The stem may display

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Rebecca C.-C. Hsu and Yung-I Lee

studies suggest that the cutinization and lignification of inner seedcoat may play a regulatory role in controlling the seedcoat-imposed dormancy. On the contrary, in the easy-to-germinate epiphytic orchids, i.e., Phalaenopsis Blume ( Lee et al., 2008

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Darren J. Hayes and Bryan J. Peterson

spring, which was confirmed by extensive stem lignification and terminal bud set. Because mountain fly honeysuckle tends to form a multistem shrub, primary stems in this instance were defined as stems arising from the first 5 cm of aboveground growth, and

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Bhaskar Bondada

-defined secondary cell walls in both cases ( Figs. 5 and 10 ). Because these cells function in storage and lignification ( Bondada, 2012 ; Stevenson et al., 2005 ), both vines showed an abundance of starch as amyloplasts ( Figs. 5C and 10C ) and lignification

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Li Ma, Chang Wei Hou, Xin Zhong Zhang, Hong Li Li, De Guo Han, Yi Wang, and Zhen Hai Han

brown, likely as a result of lignifications ( Fig. 2D–E ). Some white roots remained white for several days ( Fig. 2K–L ), whereas some white roots turned partially brown and then disappeared ( Fig. 2D–I ) or turned light brown, likely as a result of

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Michael W. Smith

enlargement, the endosperm is noncellular. In mid- to late August (for most cultivars), the endosperm becomes cellular (gel stage) and the pericarp begins lignification, ending fruit enlargement. Early August is also when pistillate flower induction occurs for

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Kai Zhao, Feng Zhang, Yi Yang, Yue Ma, Yuexue Liu, He Li, Hongyan Dai, and Zhihong Zhang

, overexpressing an hpRNA construct of gusA reporter gene. However, this could not be detected again once the scion grew in field ( Flachowsky et al., 2012 ). In that case, lignification is generally detrimental for systemic silencing. On the other hand, it would

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J. Naalamle Amissah, Dominick J. Paolillo Jr, and Nina Bassuk

delayed lignification of pericyclic cells ( Priestley, 1926 ; Reid, 1923 ; Stoutemeyer, 1961 ), the presence of undifferentiated parenchyma in root initiation sites ( Herman and Hess, 1963 ), and softer tissues, especially in the pith and fibers ( Smith