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Christopher B. Watkins

.M. Monterde, A. Navarro, P. 2004 1-MCP preserves the firmness of stored persimmon ‘Rojo Brillante’ J. Food Sci. 69 S69 S73 Selvarajah, S. Bauchot, A.D. John, P. 2001 Internal browning in cold

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Simone da Costa Mello, Francis J. Pierce, Rachel Tonhati, Guilherme Silva Almeida, Durval Dourado Neto, and Kiran Pavuluri

wall rigidity, firmness, plasma membrane structural stability, and tuber periderm calcium concentrations. Thus, plant resistance to diseases and tuber disorders such as brown center, hollow heart, internal brown spot, black leg, gangrene ( Kondo et al

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Duane P. Bartholomew, Richard A. Hawkins, and Johnny A. Lopez

internal browning when refrigerated. However, as long as the canneries remained in operation, the plantation grew fruit for the cannery and the fresh market was a small side business. As the canneries closed, Dole and DM shifted to the production of fresh

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Xue Li, Chen Zang, Hang Ge, Jing Zhang, Donald Grierson, Xue-ren Yin, and Kun-song Chen

firmness, leathery pulp, internal browning, and decreased juiciness ( Lin et al., 1999 ). Loquat ( Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) fruit show substantial flesh lignification during postharvest storage, and this is more severe when fruit are subjected to cold

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Nobuyuki Fukuoka, Takamoto Suzuki, Keisuke Minamide, and Tatsuro Hamada

The role of ascorbate in plants, interactions with photosynthesis, and regulatory significance Curr. Topics Plant Physiol. 6 131 144 Fukuoka, N. Enomoto, T. 2001 The occurrence of internal browning induced by high temperature treatment and its

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Don C. Elfving, Stephen R. Drake, A. Nathan Reed, and Dwayne B. Visser

, Palo Alto, CA). Fruit disorders (scald, watercore, internal browning, bitter pit, fruit rots) were visually assessed by laboratory personnel and expressed as the percentage of each fruit sample showing the disorder. Analyses of variance or regression

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Bradley J. Rickard, David R. Rudell, and Christopher B. Watkins

limit its storage potential ( Watkins et al., 1997 ; Watkins and Liu, 2010 ). Flesh browning has been especially problematic for the fresh cut industry as only apples with no internal browning—even slight browning in the stem end region (shoulder

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Yosef Al Shoffe, Abdul Sattar Shah, Jacqueline F. Nock, and Christopher B. Watkins

under long-term controlled atmosphere conditions Postharvest Biol. Technol. 29 29 39 Lee, J. Mattheis, J.P. Rudell, D.R. 2012 Antioxidant treatment alters metabolism associated with internal browning in ‘Braeburn’ apples during controlled atmosphere

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Hiroshi Iwanami, Shigeki Moriya, Nobuhiro Kotoda, Sae Takahashi, and Kazuyuki Abe

storage and when more than half of the stored fruit displayed rot or internal browning, measurements for the cultivar were discontinued. Table 1. Starch index, firmness, and titratable acidity at harvest in 20 cultivars evaluated in this study

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Yang Yang, Runfang Zhang, Pingsheng Leng, Zenghui Hu, and Man Shen

quantities of protein utilizing the principle of protein-dye binding Anal. Biochem. 72 248 254 Cao, S. Hu, Z. Zheng, Y. Lu, B. 2010 Synergistic effect of heat treatment and salicylic acid on alleviating internal browning in cold-stored peach fruit Postharvest