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Ibukun T. Ayankojo, Kelly T. Morgan, Monica Ozores-Hampton, and Kati W. Migliaccio

, J.H. Rowland, D.L. 2016 Smartphone apps for irrigation scheduling ASABE 59 1 291 301 Monte, J.A. de Carvalho, D.F. Medici, L.O. da Silva, L.D.B. Pimentel, C. 2013 Growth analysis and yield of tomato crop under different irrigation depths R. Bras. Eng

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A. Maaike Wubs, Yun T. Ma, Ep Heuvelink, Lia Hemerik, and Leo F.M. Marcelis

activities of sucrose metabolizing enzymes in fruit of two Capsicum annuum L. genotypes Plant Sci. 86 33 39 Marcelis, L.F.M. 1992 Non-destructive measurements and growth analysis of the cucumber fruit J. Hort. Sci. 67 457 464 Marcelis, L.F.M. Baan Hofman

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Anke van der Ploeg, Ranathunga J.K.N. Kularathne, Susana M.P. Carvalho, and Ep Heuvelink

be related to the lower number of cultivars used for our growth analysis. Compared with the effect of temperature on RGR during the LD, the effect of temperature on AGR during the SD is relatively small or even absent ( Fig. 1C ). Furthermore, the

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Abdullah Ibrahim, Hesham Abdel-Razzak, Mahmoud Wahb-Allah, Mekhled Alenazi, Abdullah Alsadon, and Yaser Hassan Dewir

.F. Castoldi, R. Vargas, P.F. Braz, L.T. Barbosa, J.C. 2011 Growth analysis of sweet pepper cultivated in coconut fiber in a greenhouse Hort. Bras. 29 316 323 Chapman, H.D. Pratt, P.F. 1961 Methods of analysis for soils, plant and water. Univ. California, Div

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Erin Schroll, John G. Lambrinos, and David Sandrock

analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with species as treatment variable and initial plant size as a covariate. Only those individuals that survived throughout the establishment period were included in the growth analysis. Data analysis: plant performance during

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Katrin Kahlen and Hartmut Stützel

For many objectives in plant growth analysis and structural crop modeling, nondestructive measurement and estimation of plant organ dimensions and masses are highly desirable. One-dimensional traits such as organ length can be determined in situ

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Meng Wei, Aijun Zhang, Hongmin Li, Zhonghou Tang, and Xiaoguang Chen

., 2005 ), whereas N is an important factor in determining the growth and nutrient composition of leaf-vegetable sweetpotato. Growth analysis and performance of four sweetpotato cultivars under different levels of N and K (potassium) showed that cultivars

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Ricardo Goenaga, Angel Marrero, and Delvis Pérez

ft above the ground. This practice was necessary to prevent cladodes from reaching the soil as a result of vigorous growth. Analysis of variance was carried out using the GLM procedure of SAS (release 9.4 for Windows; SAS Institute, Cary, NC). After

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Sylvie Jenni and Gaetan Bourgeois

Trans. Amer. Soc. Agr. Eng. 15 358 360 Jenni, S. Stewart, K.A. Bourgeois, G. Cloutier, D.C. 1997 Non-destructive volume estimation for growth analysis of eastern-type muskmelon ovaries HortScience 32 342 343 Kader, A.A. Lipton, W.J. Morris, L.L. 1973

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Marvin P. Pritts

carbon resources and productivity in June-bearing strawberry J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 127 415 422 Chen, K. Hu, G. Keutgen, N. Lenz, F. 1997a Effects of CO 2 concentration on strawberry. I. Plant growth analysis J. Appl. Bot. 71 168 172 Chen, K. Hu, G