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Chikako Honda, Hideo Bessho, Mari Murai, Hiroshi Iwanami, Shigeki Moriya, Kazuyuki Abe, Masato Wada, Yuki Moriya-Tanaka, Hiroko Hayama, and Miho Tatsuki

fruit color management such as through evaporation cooling ( Iglesias et al., 2002 , 2005 ). Therefore, optimal temperatures for fruit pigmentation have been reported for various apple cultivars using detached fruit ( Arakawa, 1991 ; Curry, 1997

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Chieri Kubota, Mark Kroggel, Mohammad Torabi, Katherine A. Dietrich, Hyun-Jin Kim, Jorge Fonseca, and Cynthia A. Thomson

the greenhouse. A fan-and-pad evaporative cooling system and an overhead heating system (Modine, Racine, WI) were used for air temperature control. A high-pressure fogging system (Valco, Bird-in-Hand, PA) was used to maintain VPD during the day. Carbon

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Travis Culpepper, Joseph Young, David T. Montague, Dana Sullivan, and Benjamin Wherley

/ha of 24N–3.5P–14.1K plus micronutrients (Plant Food; Scotts Miracle-Gro Products, Inc., Marysville, OH). An evaporative cooling system and fans were engaged to maintain more stable greenhouse conditions when the internal temperature reached 90 °F (32

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Jason Ernest Elvin Dampier, Richard W. Harper, Ashley McElhinney, and Eric Biltonen

storm damage; 3) air pollution removal (an external value from health impacts), damage to landscape and ecosystems, and reduced visibility; and 4) energy usage savings for adjacent buildings through shading, evaporative cooling, and blocking of wind

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Bielinski M. Santos and Teresa P. Salame-Donoso

). Because of the “evaporative cooling,” another property of water, as 1 g of water evaporates, 540 calories of heat are absorbed from the surrounding environment, thus when compared with the 80 calories released by freezing, nearly seven times more water

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Medani Omer, James C. Locke, and Jonathan M. Frantz

overwatering ( Jones, 2001 ). Wet soil conditions can favor the production, survival, and dissemination of zoospores and sporangia. Root rot can reduce efficient water uptake by roots compromising the evaporative cooling ability of the plant ( Mengistu et al

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Matthew A. Cutulle, Howard F. Harrison Jr., Chandresakar S. Kousik, Phillip A. Wadl, and Amnon Levi

Laboratory, Charleston, SC. Temperatures in the greenhouse ranged between 20 and 32 °C, supplemental lighting was not provided, and humidity was increased from ambient to 80% by using an evaporative cooling system. The greenhouse potting medium was a 1/1 (v

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Lisa W. DeVetter, Sean Watkinson, Ramesh Sagili, and Timothy Lawrence

low rainfall and, as a consequence, have established systems of irrigation and evaporative cooling. Solar radiation from 1 Apr. to 31 May was greater in 2015 in western Washington, averaging 218 W/m 2 compared with 192 W/m 2 in 2014. Average solar

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Roberto G. Lopez and Diane M. Camberato

range of 5.7–6.0. Table 1. Description of containers used to grow ‘Eckespoint Classic Red’ poinsettia for 14 weeks. The plants were grown in a polycarbonate greenhouse with a double-layer polyethylene roof, exhaust fan and evaporative cooling pad, and

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Ana Centeno and María Gómez-del-Campo

adventitious root formation in small cuttings with leaves retained at the upper end. The cuttings are then placed in a mist bed, which keeps a thin film of water on the leaves, thereby reducing leaf temperature through evaporative cooling and transpiration and