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Geoffrey M. Weaver and Marc W. van Iersel

concentration were first observed 4 d after ABA application (L = linear effect of log(concentration+10); * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01; ns = nonsignificant). Stomatal conductance. Both compounds reduced g S in a concentration-dependent manner ( Fig. 3 ). These

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Yajun Chen, Jingjin Yu, and Bingru Huang

elevated CO 2 but increased during rewatering ( Fig. 4B ). Fig. 4. Changes in transpiration rate [T r ( A )], stomatal conductance [ g S ( B )], and water use efficiency [WUE ( C )] of tall fescue in response to 15 d of drought stress and 6 d of

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Nisa Leksungnoen, Paul G. Johnson, and Roger K. Kjelgren

. Nitrogen gas was slowly applied to increase the chamber's atmospheric pressure until water appeared at the cut end of the stem. The pressure reading was then taken and used as leaf water potential. Stomatal conductance measurements were made twice a week in

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Kevin Fort, Joaquin Fraga, Daniele Grossi, and M. Andrew Walker

potential. Stomatal conductance was measured daily from the abaxial side of the leaf using a leaf porometer (SC-1; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) at solar noon ±1 h beginning week 4, day 2. Two unshaded, fully expanded young leaves were measured for each

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M. Kate Lee and Marc W. van Iersel

and to determine which NaCl concentrations result in marketable plants. We hypothesized that plant growth is inhibited with increasing concentrations of NaCl and that the physiological drought stress caused by NaCl will reduce stomatal conductance ( g

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Suejin Park, Sarah A. Mills, Youyoun Moon, and Nicole L. Waterland

until plants reached a wilt status rating of 3 ( Waterland et al., 2010c ). Expt. 2: Wilt status and stomatal conductance of antitranspirant-treated bedding plants. Four-week-old seedlings of ‘Harmony Spicy Peach’ new guinea impatiens were obtained in 72

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Soohyun Kang, Yating Zhang, Yuqi Zhang, Jie Zou, Qichang Yang, and Tao Li

efficiency of PSII (ΦPSII), and F v / F m were estimated according to Baker (2008) . Stomatal conductance. Stomatal conductance was measured with a porometer (model AP4; Delta-T Devices, Cambridge, UK). Four plants were selected randomly from each

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Krista Shellie and D. Michael Glenn

uptake and photosynthesis depends on the uniformity, magnitude, and duration of stomatal closure ( Düring, 1992 ). Reduction in stomatal conductance ( g S ) under deficit irrigation has been observed on many wine grape cultivars under field conditions

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D. Michael Glenn, Nicola Cooley, Rob Walker, Peter Clingeleffer, and Krista Shellie

. Veraison day of year was 21 Aug. (DOY = 233) for ‘Merlot’ and 16 Aug. (DOY = 228) for ‘Viognier’. Fig. 3. Diurnal variation of leaf surface temperature, water potential, and stomatal conductance ( g S ) for standard (STD) and prolonged deficit

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Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

) reported that there was a 50% increase in ABA within the stomata within 30 min after water stress was initiated, indicating that endogenous ABA levels can fluctuate quickly in response to stress. Fig. 5. Transpiration (E), stomatal conductance ( g S