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Valentina Schmitzer, Maja Mikulic-Petkovsek, Franci Stampar, and Vlasta Cunja

, carotenoids, chlorophylls, and flavonols are the major contributors to astonishing color diversity of flowers, and their content often changes during flower senescence ( Schmitzer et al., 2010 ; Slatnar et al., 2013 ; Sood and Nagar, 2003 ). Moreover, petal

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Mark J. Bassett and Phillip N. Miklas

petals ( Bassett, 2005 ). The F 2 segregation observed in F 1 progeny selected for BPF expression from the double backcross t p mic ( prp i - 2 ) BC 3 5–593 × F 1 [ t p mic ( prp i - 2 ) BC 3 5–593 × t bp p mic Prp i - 2 blue pattern BC

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Kathy Zuzek, David Zlesak, Vance Whitaker, Steve McNamara, and Stan C. Hokanson

) ‘Lena’, ( C , D ) ‘Ole’, ( E , F ) ‘Sigrid’, and ( G , H ) ‘Sven’. Northern Accents ® ‘Ole’ Northern Accents ® ‘Ole’ ( Fig. 2 ) has double-blush pink flowers (RHS 73D upper petal; 155D, 158B petal base) with a moderately sweet fragrance and a

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Neil O. Anderson, Vincent Fritz, Charlie Rohwer, Steven Poppe, Barbara E. Liedl, Shengrui Yao, Patricia Johnson, Judith Reith-Rozelle, Lee Klossner, and Neal Eash

possesses a mean of 65 carpellate ray florets (petals), which are arranged in double whorls (duplex or two rows of petals). Flower petals are spatulate in shape and are held horizontal to upright from the stem at an angle of 45° ( Anderson, 2008 ). Flower

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Jessa Hughes, Hamid Khazaei, and Albert Vandenberg

typical papilionaceous, with five petals consisting of one standard, two wings, and two parts fused into a keel ( Duc, 1997 ). The wild-type flower is white petalled with a pronounced black spot on each wing petal and dark striae on the standard petal. The

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Jing Ma, Zheng Li, Bin Wang, Shunzhao Sui, and Mingyang Li

senescence of the ephemeral flowers ( Gookin et al., 2003 ). Two expansin genes ( DcEXPA1 and DcEXPA2 ) were found to be associated with petal growth and development during carnation flower opening ( Harada et al., 2011 ). The expression of some α

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Hongmei Ma, Margaret Pooler, and Robert Griesbach

sequencing from both ends. All the constructs were based on the pUC19 vector. Plasmid S- Myc Lc was a transcriptional fusion of the double 35S promoter and a 2.2-kb Myc Lc complementary DNA (cDNA) ( Lloyd et al., 1992 ). Plasmid U- Myc Lc was

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Gregor Osterc, Maja Mikulic Petkovsek, Franci Stampar, Biljana Kiprovski, Blanka Ravnjak, and Joze Bavcon

; Grey-Wilson, 1988 , 2002 ; Mathew, 2013 ). The flower color is a result of anthocyanin formation in the flower petals and it depends on the pH of the petal sap and on the degree of irradiation. Common cyclamen, compared with persian cyclamen ( C

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Iftikhar Ahmad, Muhammad B. Rafiq, John M. Dole, Bilal Abdullah, and Kinza Habib

, Pakistan. Materials and methods Cultivar production evaluation. Seeds of ‘Aurora Blue’ and ‘Aurora White’ delphinium (American Takii, Salinas, CA), ‘Guardian White’ delphinium, ‘Appleblossom’ snapdragon and ‘Lucinda Dark Rose Double’ and ‘Lucinda Dark Rose

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Ting Lei, Yang Song, Xuehua Jin, Tianyu Su, and Yiwen Pu

coloration is affected by multiple factors such as pigment content and distribution in petals, the pH and metal ions of the pigmented cell sap, and petal epidermal cell structure ( Dao et al., 2016 ; Jin et al., 2016 ; Li et al., 2014 ; Mol et al., 1998