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Abdullah Ibrahim, Hesham Abdel-Razzak, Mahmoud Wahb-Allah, Mekhled Alenazi, Abdullah Alsadon, and Yaser Hassan Dewir

more nutritious ( Buczkowska et al., 2014 ; Jadczak et al., 2010 ; Jamiołkowska et al., 2016 ). The use of natural biostimulants ( Mahmood et al., 2017 ; Paradikovic et al., 2011 ), foliar feeding ( Haytova, 2013 ), and plant growth regulators

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Zhou Li, Yan Peng, and Bingru Huang

(PGR) or biostimulants have been used to improve turfgrass tolerance to drought or heat stress, such as trinexapac-ethyl [TE ( Bian et al., 2009 ; Etemadi et al., 2015 ; Krishnan and Merewitz, 2015 )], abscisic acid [ABA ( Lu et al., 2009

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Ainhoa Martínez-Medina, Antonio Roldán, and Jose A. Pascual

plants ( Table 2 ). This biostimulant activity has been studied widely for different isolates of Trichoderma sp. ( Björkman et al., 1998 ; Harman and Björkman, 1998 ; Harman et al., 2004 ; Ousley et al., 1994 ; Rabeendran et al., 2000 ). Several

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Freddy Mora, Cristóbal M. Concha, and Carlos R. Figueroa

of plants was performed with the administration of: biostimulant (Rukam ® Mix; Mabruk AG Comercial y Tecnología, Santiago, Chile), flower fertilizer (Roots ® ; Comercial VOS S.A., Santiago, Chile), and a biostimulant supplement (Phyllum ® ; Anasac

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José Luis Chaves-Gómez, Alba Marina Cotes-Prado, Sandra Gómez-Caro, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

substances of natural origin that can act as biostimulants in plants ( Ab Rahman et al., 2017 ; Mesa et al., 2017 ). One of these substances, chitosan, has been used as an ecofriendly biopesticide because it is biodegradable, nontoxic, and biocompatible

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Carlo Mininni, Pietro Santamaria, Hamada M. Abdelrahman, Claudio Cocozza, Teodoro Miano, Francesco Montesano, and Angelo Parente

with biostimulant activity in the compost. In fact, biostimulant properties have been found in Posidonia australis ( Intellectual Property in Australia, 2012 ), a marine plant species close to Posidonia oceanica used for compost production in our

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Tina M. Waliczek, Nicole C. Wagner, and Selin Guney

, particularly in coastal areas ( McHugh, 2003 ). Seaweeds and seaweed liquid fertilizers are commercialized and substituted for synthetic fertilizers. As reported by Begum et al. (2018) , seaweed extracts are marketed as liquid fertilizer and bio-stimulants

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Diana Carolina Núñez-López, Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

targionii (Homoptera: Psyllidae) infestation Crop Prot. 24 711 717 Saour, G. Ismail, H. Hashem, A. 2010 Impact of kaolin particle film, spirodiclofen acaricide, harpin protein, and an organic biostimulant on pear psylla Cacopsylla pyri (Hemiptera

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Kelly Nascimento-Silva, Luis Roca-Castillo, María Benlloch-González, and Ricardo Fernández-Escobar

–152 Sá, F.V.S. Araújo, J.L. Oliveira, F.S. Silva, L.A. Moreira, R.C.L. Silva Neto, A.N. 2015 Influence of silicon in papaya plant growth Científica (Jaboticabal, Online) 43 77 83 Savvas, D. Ntatsi, G. 2015 Biostimulant activity on silicon in horticulture

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Ana Centeno and María Gómez-del-Campo

cereal seeds. It has soluble proteins, amino acids, vitamins, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Both Sm-6 Organico™ and Terrabal Organico™ are products authorized in organic agriculture as a biostimulant for horticultural crops. It can be applied by