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Dalia Taher, Mohamed Rakha, Srinivasan Ramasamy, Svein Solberg, and Roland Schafleitner

confirmed. McDowell et al. (2011) found that glandular trichomes in several Solanum species contain highly diverse sets of acyl sugars, fatty acids, alkaloids, and terpenoids that might contribute to plant defense. Identification of a resistant source is

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Zengqiang Ma, Shishang Li, Meijun Zhang, Shihao Jiang, and Yulan Xiao

pathway and protein phosphorylation in fungal elicitor-induced expression of terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthetic genes in Catharanthus roseus Plant Physiol. 19 1289 1296 Mohammad, B.A. Hahn, E.J. Paek, K

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Sibylle Stoeckli, Karsten Mody, Silvia Dorn, and Markus Kellerhals

, terpenoids, or glucosinolates) ( Gayler et al., 2004 ; Koricheva, 2002 ). This tradeoff between demands for growth and defense is especially relevant in perennial crop plants. These crops are bred and grown for maximized yield ( Kaplan et al., 2009

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Ittetsu Yamaga and Sakura Hamasaki

carotenoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids have been widely studied for various citrus species ( Li et al., 2006 ; Manthey and Grohmann, 2001 ; Nishiura et al., 1971 ). Research especially focuses on flavonoids in special product species in each production area

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Qiannan Hu, Fei Ding, Mingna Li, Xiaxiang Zhang, Shuoxin Zhang, and Bingru Huang

of shoot branching by new terpenoid plant hormones Nature 455 195 Vajpayee, P. Tripathi, R.D. Rai, U.N. Ali, M.B. Singh, S.N. 2000 Chromium (VI) accumulation reduces chlorophyll biosynthesis, nitrate reductase activity and protein content in Nymphaea

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Henry Taber, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Shanshan Li, Wendy White, Steven Rodermel, and Yang Xu

pyruvic kinase and acetic thiokinase enzymes that are directly involved in lycopene synthesis. Potassium may also affect lycopene synthesis through enhanced enzymatic activity in carbohydrate metabolism, providing the necessary substrates for terpenoid

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Dawei Shi, Xiaodong Wei, Guoxiang Chen, and Yanli Xu

and terpenoids and have been used pharmaceutically ( Cao, 2002 ). Ginkgo leaves are usually harvested in the fall, because the contents of these pharmaceutical constituents are highest in fall and then decline with senescence in ginkgo leaves ( Chen et

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Elizabeth Baldwin, Jinhe Bai, Anne Plotto, John Manthey, Smita Raithore, Sophie Deterre, Wei Zhao, Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, Philip A. Stansly, and James A. Tansey

juice flavor, although there is no one odor-active compound. Aldehydes, and esters particularly, contribute giving green, citrus, and fruity aromas along with terpenoid hydrocarbons ( Perez-Cacho and Rouseff, 2008 ). Table 4. Effects of insecticide

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Bahlebi K. Eiasu, Ntombekhaya Matafeni, Viwe Dyafta, and Kenias Chigwaya

Acta Hort. 146 105 111 Rajeswara Rao, B.R. Kaul, N.P. Mallavarapu, G.R. Ramesh, S. 1996 Effect of seasonal changes on biomass yield and terpenoid composition of rose-scent geranium ( Pelargonium species) Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 24 627 Shahrokhi, M

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Mohsen Hesami and Mohammad Hosein Daneshvar

modified trichome formation and terpenoid metabolities of Artemisia annua L Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult. 112 1 14 Jafari, M. Daneshvar, M.H. Lotfi, A. 2017 In vitro shoot proliferation of Passiflora caerulea L. via cotyledonary node and shoot tip