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Christian A. Wyenandt, James E. Simon, Margaret T. McGrath, and Daniel L. Ward

Ocimum spp. are also edible and available in the horticultural trade as ornamentals, which have a wide range of aromas and flavors ( Simon et al., 1999 ; Vieira and Simon, 2006 ). Basils accumulate a wide variety of terpenes and phenylpropanoids

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Brígida Resende Almeida, Suzan Kelly Vilela Bertolucci, Alexandre Alves de Carvalho, Heitor Luiz Heiderich Roza, Felipe Campos Figueiredo, and José Eduardo Brasil Pereira Pinto

conversion of p- cymene to carvacrol or the release of volatile constituents by L. gracilis . In this context, several studies have reported the importance of magnesium, as well as sulfur ( Zhao et al., 2013 ), in the activation of terpene synthase enzymes

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Solveig J. Hanson and Irwin L. Goldman

. The latter two proteins—a terpene synthase and an isoprenoid synthase—are located adjacent to one another on chromosome 8, and both appear to have two functional domains, as does geosmin synthase ( Maher, 2017 ). While these proteins have not been

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Mary Woodhead, Ailsa Weir, Kay Smith, Susan McCallum, Katrin MacKenzie, and Julie Graham

System Thermal Cycler. PCR products from ERubLR_SQ8.2_D06, Ri Terp Synth (terpene synthase), ERubLR_SQ1F_C22, and Ri Cellulase were cloned into pGEMT Easy (Promega, Southampton, UK) and plasmid DNA was sequenced using universal M13 forward and reverse

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D. Michael Glenn and G.J. Puterka

temperature ( Saure, 1990 ). Increased far-red radiation has also increased volatiles in strawberry ( Loughrin and Kasperbauer, 2002 ), nutrient content of carrots ( Antonious and Kasperbauer, 2002 ), and terpene accumulation in cotton ( Kasperbauer and

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Letizia Tozzini, Paolo Sabbatini, and G. Stanley Howell

compounds were also assessed. Total volatile terpenes (mg·L −1 ) were measured using 40-mL samples from each vine after composition analysis following the procedure described by Iland et al. (2004) . Juice primary amino-N concentration was measured by the

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Heather L. Papinchak, E. Jay Holcomb, Teodora Orendovici Best, and Dennis R. Decoteau

extensive lesions on the lung tissue, trachea, and upper bronchi ( Mehlman and Borek, 1987 ). Indoor exposures to ozone are often accompanied by exposure to the products of ozone-initiated oxidative reactions (such as isoprenes, styrenes, terpenes

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Maedza K. Vuwani, Mpumelelo Nkomo, Wonder Ngezimana, Nokwanda P. Makunga, and Fhatuwani N. Mudau

all micronutrient application treatments had significant quantitative differences in comparison with the control. In all the treatments, the most prevalent compound groups were terpenes, with some lactones and ketones, the majority having been reported

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Shao-chang Qin, Juan-ling Li, Abdul Kareem, and Yong Wang

derivatives and phenylpropanoid/benzene ring volatile is significantly improved; aroma components of terpenes and glycosides did not change significantly. In the current study, 17 volatile compounds were identified in the red young leaves of partridge tea. The

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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, and Ekaterina Jeliazkova

Bangladesh Bangl. J. Sci. Indus. Res. 42 79 82 de Carvalho, C.C.C.R. Da Fonseca, M.M.R. 2006 Carvone: Why and how should one bother to produce this terpene Food Chem. 95 413 422 Dobreva, A. Kovatcheva, N. Astatkie, T. Zheljazkov, V.D. 2011 Improvement of