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Maude Lachapelle, Gaétan Bourgeois, Jennifer R. DeEll, Katrine A. Stewart, and Philippe Séguin

high. This may include the effect of shading, which is known to increase the susceptibility to internal browning ( Bramlage, 1993 ). Low light intensity is known to reduce anthocyanin, carbohydrates, acid contents, and ascorbic acid content, which is an

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Christopher B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock

.B. 1998 Storage and handling effects on a CO 2 -related internal browning disorder of ‘Braeburn’ apples HortScience 33 719 722 Fan, X.T. Mattheis, J.P. Blankenship, S. 1999 Development of apple superficial scald, soft scald, core flush, and greasiness is

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Max G. Villalobos-Acuña, William V. Biasi, Sylvia Flores, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Rachel B. Elkins, and Neil H. Willits

). Internal browning and scald (including storage scald and senescent scald) severity were evaluated subjectively using the following scale: 0 = none; 1 = slight; 2 = moderate; 3 = severe. The experiment was analyzed using SAS statistical software (Version 9

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Juan Pablo Zoffoli, Valentina Sanguedolce, Paulina Naranjo, and Carolina Contreras

Assessment & Education (2007) . Internal browning was evaluated by cutting apples transverse to the longitudinal axis at the middle. The most affected half was evaluated for severity and incidence of the disorder. The visual relative scale used for intensity

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Robert E. Paull, Gail Uruu, and Nancy Jung Chen

in Smooth Cayenne pineapples. 2. Indices of eating quality Queensl. J. Agr. Anim. Sci 45 219 228 Soares, A.G. Trugo, L.C. Botrel, N. Souza, L.F.D. 2005 Reduction of internal browning of pineapple fruit ( Ananas comusus L.) by preharvest soil

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Andrés Olivos, Scott Johnson, Qin Xiaoqiong, and Carlos H. Crisosto

. 1972 Investigations on the internal browning of the pineapple Fruits (Paris) 27 603 612 Tjellstrom, H. Andersson, M.X. Larsson, K.E. Sandelius, A.S. 2008 Membrane phospholipids as a phosphate reserve: The dynamic nature of phospholipid

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Senay Ozgen, James S. Busse, and Jiwan P. Palta

potatoes (cv. Russet Burbank) to supplemental calcium applications under field conditions: Tuber calcium, yield and incidence of internal brown spot Amer. J. Potato Res. 83 195 204 Palta, J.P. 1996 Role of calcium in plant responses to stresses: Linking

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Amanda J. Vance and Bernadine C. Strik

HortScience 43 567 570 Moggia, C. Graell, J. Lara, I. Gonzalez, G. Lobos, G.A. 2017 Firmness at harvest impacts postharvest fruit softening and internal browning development in mechanically damaged and non-damaged highbush blueberries ( Vaccinium corymbosum L

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David Douches, Walter Pett, Diedrich Visser, Joseph Coombs, Kelly Zarka, Kimberly Felcher, Gurling Bothma, Johan Brink, Muffy Koch, and Hector Quemada

/glassiness, and no hollow heart or internal brown spot. Less than 10% of the tubers had internal bruising and ≈50% of the tubers had perceptible vascular discoloration. Tuber quality was also similar for ‘Spunta’ and ‘SpuntaG2’. The average specific gravity for

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Renae E. Moran, Jennifer R. DeEll, and Dennis P. Murr

browning and soggy breakdown as internal browning in the cortex with a partial or complete ring of healthy tissue near the surface. In 2008, preconditioning of 7 d was tested using fruit from two harvest dates and two locations, Monmouth (Orchard 1) and