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Suejin Park, Youyoun Moon, and Nicole L. Waterland

: NAP (%) = 100 − [(pixels of green leaf area) / (pixels of overall plant leaf area) × 100] ( Wang et al., 2008 ). Expt. 2: Wilt status, stomatal conductance, and relative water content of CaCl 2 -treated violas. Seeds of V . cornuta ‘Sorbet XP Yellow

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Yahia Othman, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Richard Heerema, and Rolston St. Hilaire

). Intercellular CO 2 also decreased in parallel with decreased g CO2 and increased water deficit stress level ( Fig. 6B ). Fig. 4. Relationship among ( A ) photosynthesis ( P n ), ( B ) stomatal conductance ( g S ; g H2O ), and ( C ) transpiration ( E ) and

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Rashad M. Balal, Muhammad M. Khan, Muhammad A. Shahid, Neil S. Mattson, Tahira Abbas, Muhammad Ashfaq, Franscisco Garcia-Sanchez, Usman Ghazanfer, Vicente Gimeno, and Zafar Iqbal

) ( Almansa et al., 2002 ). The length and width of stomata and epidermal cells were measured in microns with the microscope ( Moya et al., 2003 ). Determination of photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration rate, and water use efficiency The

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Mokhles A. Elsysy, Michael V. Mickelbart, and Peter M. Hirst

months after full bloom in Lafayette, IN. ( A ) CO 2 assimilation rate. ( B ) Stomatal conductance. Statistical analysis. Analysis of variance and mean separation of parameters between defruited and single-fruited spurs were performed for all data

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Jinhong Yuan, Man Xu, Wei Duan, Peige Fan, and Shaohua Li

water potential, ( B ) net photosynthetic rate (P n ), ( C ) stomatal conductance ( g S ), and ( D ) intercellular CO 2 concentration (Ci) of leaves of micropropagated apple trees in response to half-root water stress (▼) and whole-root water stress

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Ben Hong Wu, Hai Qiang Huang, Pei Ge Fan, Shao Hua Li, and Guo Jie Liu

-year-old shoot. The leaves of the +2 fruit treatment had significantly higher Pn than those of +1 fruit treatment in all cultivars except Qingfeng. Table 1. Net photosynthetic rate (Pn), stomatal conductance ( g s ), transpiration rate ( E

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Xuan Liu and Donald L. Suarez

fixation. Its net rate or net CO 2 assimilation rate ( A ) can be defined as A = g S (C a − C i ), where g S is leaf stomatal conductance to water measuring stomatal opening, and C a and C i are the ambient and substomatal intercellular CO 2

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Ken Shackel

time). These leaves give highly reproducible values for a given tree at any particular time of day ( Fulton et al., 2001 ), and typically the measurement of a single leaf is sufficient to quantify the level of plant water status. Stomatal conductance

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Fan-Hsuan Yang, Lisa W. DeVetter, Bernadine C. Strik, and David R. Bryla

2016 (study 1). Stomatal conductance. Stomatal conductance of the berries was measured on sunny days using a steady-state porometer (model LI-1600; LI-COR, Lincoln, NE). Ten berries each were randomly measured from stage 1 through stage 6 (petal fall to

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Shinsuke Agehara and Daniel I. Leskovar

. They suggested that reductions in stomatal conductance ( g S ) by ABA enabled the maintenance of leaf water potential and prevented increases in electrolyte leakage and leaf abscission. On the other hand, Latimer (1992) reported that root